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Pipistrel organized a maintenance type training for Velis Electro for Part-66 licenced aircraft mechanics

As the first in the history of aviation, Pipistrel can train other organizations’ mechanics for maintenance of certified electric aircraft, our Velis Electro. The 5-day course attracted a lot of interest.
Mayor of municipality of Ajdovščina, Mr. Beočanin and Mr. Ivo Boscarol

Members of the Pipistrel group awarded by government for selfless work in the fight against Covid-19

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia awarded commemorative signs and award certificates for altruistic work in the fight against COVID-19 to the most deserving individuals.

MAHEPA announces: Hydrogen fuel cell driven Hy4 has flown

Hy4, the aircraft with hydrogen fuel cells propulsion, has flown.

Beam performed world’s first Flying on Sunshine™ flight in a Pipistrel production electric aircraft

The American company has succesfully charged an Alpha Electro, a Tesla, and a Zero motorcycle on pure solar energy.

Pipistrel Velis Electro is the Plane&Pilot 2020 "Plane Of The Year"

The prestigeous aviation magazine has awarded our Velis Electro for being the first type-certified electric aeroplane.

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