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train smart


80 hp

Max Cruise

104 ktas

Max Altitude

18,000 ft

Max Range

324 nm

Useful Load

529 lb
(240 kg)

The Smart Training Choice

The Alpha Trainer combines performance and efficiency making it the perfect flight training aircraft. Through modern aerodynamic design and high-tech manufacturing, the Alpha Trainer provides superb performance and flight characteristics with low operating costs thanks to its fuel-efficiencies.

The Alpha Trainer comes equipped with all the essential features expected for flight training, including a strong, durable undercarriage, and gentle flight characteristics. Suitable for both entry-level flight training and experienced aviators, the Alpha Trainer offers a quiet, relaxing cabin with easy access and is a comfortable learning environment for students.

Operated throughout the world in some of the harshest conditions, the Alpha Trainer is a trusted and proven trainer, backed by Pipistrel’s service and support network.

Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are core to Pipistrel’s DNA. The Alpha Trainer was designed with this in mind, providing fuel-efficient, aerodynamic performance while minimizing its environmental impact.

why alpha trainer?

Safety as Standard
  • LSA certified and fully approved for Day/Night VFR operations with benign stall characteristics.
  • Equipped with a ballistic parachute rescue system offering peace of mind.
  • Proven track record training thousands of pilots across the world with a strong, robust design.
  • Low cost to purchase and operate, the Alpha Trainer is the perfect compromise between performance and price.
  • Simple design with low maintenance costs, backed by Pipistrel’s global distribution network for sales and service.
  • Built to provide value for flight schools making flight training more accessible to all.
Technical Data Pipistrel Alpha Trainer


A simple, yet complete flying solution!

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Alpha Trainer represents a special concept of economic training for pilots. Built on the solid pedigree of our extensive Sinus and Virus models product line-up, the Alpha Trainer combines quality with an affordable price. It offers convenient flying with no performance set-backs; it is an efficient two-seat composite aircraft, which combines Pipistrel’s competitive advantages, high-tech manufacturing and ease of use. Powered by the Rotax 912 80 HP engine it burns less than 9.5 litres (2.5 US gal) of ordinary mogas fuel per hour in the training role perfoming circuits. It is suitable for beginners as well as for seniors, having an easy cockpit access. The cockpit is spacious, quiet and offers perfect communication between instructor and student. To tolerate student pilots we have built in a strong and durable undercarriage, capable of accepting hard landings with good absorption.

The Alpha Trainer is the perfect robust aircraft, easy to fly, repair and maintain without breaking the bank. At the moment more than 500 Alpha Trainers are used all over the World, resisting also in the harshest conditions and used by civil and military Flight Academies, often flying 5-8 hours every day. By selecting some optional equipment with exciting features the Alpha Trainer can offer significant upgrades to your flying activity.

The complete Alpha Trainer solution with its low operation cost, highly efficient performance and great value for money relation brings a top competitive product when considering new training aircraft offers.

It is important to highlight Alpha Trainer key outstanding characteristics:

  • It is approved for stalls demonstration and has benign stall characteristics for the training market with no flying surprises
  • It is capable of doing circuits all day long, in all conditions including excessive heat well above 100°F (37°C)
  • It has good ventilation and heating when required
  • It has approved strobes and lighting
  • It has guaranteed access to reliable spare parts supply to keep the aircraft on the flight line
  • It has reasonable range for cross-country flight training
  • It is easy to refuel and service daily
  • It has a ballistic parachute rescue system as standard equipment
  • It has a durable finish for outdoor storage
  • It has good brakes for the odd ‘urgent occasion’
  • It has dual flight controls, easy and quickly adjustable for different sized people
  • It has a classic-looking instrument panel
  • It has an expected long operating life
  • It has tricycle landing gear configuration with a steerable nose wheel
Technical Data Pipistrel Alpha Trainer
max power80 hp at 5800 rpm
PROPELLERFixed pitch wooden 63″/ 1620 mm diameter propeller with protected leading edge
wing span34,4 ft. (10,5 m)
length21.33 ft. (6.5 m)
height6.07 ft. (2.05 m)
wing area96.6 sqft (9.51 m2)
rudder area11.8 sqft (1.1 m2)
tail area11.6 sqft (1.08 m2)
aspect ratio11,3
positive flaps0°, 15°, 25°
center of gravity20% – 38% MAC
empty weight615 lbs (279 kg)
max take off weight (MTOW)1212 lbs (550 kg)
Payload with full fuel507 lbs (230 kg)
fuel tanks capacity13,2 US gal (50 l)
useful fuel12,7 US gal (48 l)
Data Published for MTOW 1,212 lbs All speeds in Knots
stall with flaps 37 kts
stall without flaps43 kts
cruising speed (75% power)108 kts
maximum horizontal speed at sea level120 kts
VNE135 kts
max speed with flaps down70 kts
manoeuvring speed86 kts
best climb speed75 kts
max climb rate1,220 fpm
best glide ratio speed64 kts
best glide15:1
take off run459 feet
take off over 50′ obstacle738 feet
service ceiling18,000 feet
45°-45° roll time2.6 sec
fuel consumption at cruise speed3.6 US gph (13.6 lph)
endurance (with 30 min reserve)3.1 hours
cruise range distance324 NM (600 km)
max load factor permitted @ (1.875)+4g -2g
design safety factors & testedminimum 1.875

Note: Pipistrel reserves the right to revise this data sheet whenever occasioned by product improvement, government/authority regulations or other good cause.

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Alpha Trainer ICAO designator: PIAT



TC Alpha Trainer

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