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Pipistrel’s Social Responsibility

At Pipistrel, we build our success on the basis of social responsibility towards the environment, employees and local communities. Through our three decades of existence, we performed over 20 actions to create better health conditions in Vipava valley and wider, improve the environment, help and support local charity and health institutions, and much more.

Pipistrel aircraft are environment-friendly and manufactured in factories that are largely energy self-sufficient and do not pollute the environment. Our environmental philosophy is called ECOLUTION.

Four times so far, Pipistrel has been selected as the best employer in Slovenia. This shows that Pipistrel’s employees are of the greatest value.





Twelve Pipistrel’s “visionaries” – development engineers, technicians and pilots led by director Ivo Boscarol made a daring move and revealed themselves for the camera. Yes, you read that correctly: the smartest & hottest guys from the Pipistrel team bravely stepped in front of the lens without any clothes, concealed only by parts of Pipistrel aircraft, to create a calendar titled “Ducat razgaljenih vizionarjev” (“Dozen revealed visionaries”).

The action had a huge response in the media and the visionaries decided to donate all the profits from the sale of calendar and the auction of photographs to the “Vrabček Upanja” (“Sparrow of Hope”) fundation, which raises funds for the Department of Disabled Youth in Stara Gora.
The auction was led by Sašo Hribar who auctioned the large scale, one meter tall photographs of naked Visionaries at the starting price of 100 euros.

Pipistrel has been helping to create better health conditions in Vipava valley and wider: with Pipistrel’s contribution, the block of the hospital for disabled youth in Stara Gora was upgraded.

Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina together with our Chinese sister company Pipistrel Asia-Pacific donated 100.000 protective masks, 1.100 test kits and 300 thermometers to the municipality of Ajdovščina

Pipistrel continues its tradition of supporting public health: we donated 25 defibrillators to the municipality of Ajdovščina for installation in remote villages and locations within the municipality.

The “Sparrow of Hope” program

Our General manager Ivo Boscarol and other members of the Pipistrel team are often invited to various events as a guests, lecturers or ambassadors and always give up royalties and per-diems for charity. Our policy is that our representatives participate only in events whose organizers make a donation to the Vrabček Upanja (“Sparrow of Hope”) Foundation that raises funds for the Department for Disabled Youth and Rehabilitation in Stara Gora.
You can read more about the foundation here:
This way, the participation of our employees is also of a humanitarian nature, as children with disabilities receive much-needed funds.

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