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Danish Armed Forces will fly two Velis Electro - world's first Air Force to train pilots on zero-emission aircraft

Danish Ministry of Defense leased two Velis Electro aircraft to be used in the Airforce. So Denmark became the first country in the world to use electric airplanes in their Armed Forces.
Surveyor - Pipistrel surveillance platform

Technology Service Corporation's innovative unmanned long endurance aircraft operations surpass milestones

Technology Service Corporation Surpasses 2,100th Mission Sortie and 28,000 Combat Flight Hour Milestones for Innovative Unmanned Long Endurance Aircraft Flight Operations
The Chief of French Air Force flies Velis Electro

The Chief of French Air Force, General Philippe Lavigne, tested the Pipistrel Velis Electro

The Chief of French Air- and Space-Force, General Philippe Lavigne, honoured Pipistrel by making a test flight in the Velis Electro.

Pipistrel received the Platinum Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness 2020

Bisnode Slovenia confirms that Pipistrel meets the highest international standard of excellence AAA for at least the fifth year in a row and belongs to the Platinum Creditworthiness status of credit rating excellence in Slovenia.

Amazilia Aerospace and Pipistrel to develop Heavy Cargo Hybrid VTOL Drone for SF Express

SF Express, China’s leading integrated logistics provider, intends to expand its delivery network fleet through the deployment of large cargo unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability.
Pipistrel Nuuva V300 in flight

Pipistrel chooses Honeywell to provide critical navigation and sensor technology for our unmanned cargo aircraft

The "New Attitude Heading Reference System" and "Air Data Module" will bring enhanced safety and reliability to Nuuva V300 cargo aircraft

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