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Slovenian Armed Forces start using Pipistrel Aircraft and flight Simulator

Pipistrel daje Slovenski vojski več svojih letal na uporabo in testiranje. Letalska šola Slovenske vojske bo tako prva na svetu, ki bo za trening vojaških pilotov uporabljala tudi električna letala.
electric aircraft maintenance course1

Do not miss: Maintenance training course for Part-66 licenced aircraft mechanics - for both electric and petrol engine airplanes!

Pipistrel organizes a 5-day training course for aircraft mechanics. as the first in the history of aviation, we can train other organizations’ mechanics for maintenance of certified electric aircraft.

Pipistrel Velis Electro receives the prestigious 2021 AIAA Aircraft Design Award

...for being the world’s first certified electric aircraft, starting the new era of green aircraft design.

Pipistrel at FAMEX 2021

Come see us at FAMEX, one of the most influential aviation events in the Latin America from 22nd to 25th September 2021.

Pipistrel and Genevation enter aircraft manufacturing cooperation

Official signing of the contract between Pipistrel and Genevation occurred in witness of Prime minister of Hungary Mr. Viktor Orban and Prime minister of Slovenia Mr. Janez Janša after the opening ceremony of the 53th International Entrepreneurial Fair (MOS) in Celje.
Velis on ground with charger

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