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Amazilia Aerospace and Pipistrel to develop Heavy Cargo Hybrid VTOL Drone for SF Express

SF Express, China’s leading integrated logistics provider, intends to expand its delivery network fleet through the deployment of large cargo unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability.
Pipistrel Nuuva V300 in flight

Pipistrel chooses Honeywell to provide critical navigation and sensor technology for our unmanned cargo aircraft

The "New Attitude Heading Reference System" and "Air Data Module" will bring enhanced safety and reliability to Nuuva V300 cargo aircraft

Pipistrel je občini Ajdovščina podaril 25 defibrilatorjev

Podjetje Pipistrel je občini Ajdovščina doniralo 25 defibrilatorjev za namestitve po vaseh in na lokacijah znotraj občine, kjer jih do sedaj še ni bilo

ROTAX - tehnično usposabljanje 2021

Podjetje Pipistrel kot pooblaščeni Rotax zastopnik in servisni center organizira tehnično usposabljanje za vzdrževanje Rotax motorjev.

Pipistrel makes significant progress with Miniliner designs for a new generation of zero-emission aerial mobility

Pipistrel's conceptual design studies on Miniliner are indicating significant potential. The Miniliner concept will deliver a leading solution for future clean, fast, and cost-effective small regional aircraft transportation.

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