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Pipistrel makes significant progress with Miniliner designs for a new generation of zero-emission aerial mobility

Pipistrel's conceptual design studies on Miniliner are indicating significant potential. The Miniliner concept will deliver a leading solution for future clean, fast, and cost-effective small regional aircraft transportation.
Loading of Nuuva v20

Pipistrel selects C-Astral Aerospace as industrial and R&D partner with C4 solutions for the Nuuva V20 re-launch

The unique partnership of two leading Slovenia-based aerospace companies working in the unmanned field: C-ASTRAL and Pipistrel, delivers technologies creating an exceptional value and a leading solution not only for cargo delivery, but also eVTOL-based surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence functionality on the same platform.

Pipistrel is one of the winners of the worldwide Re.Invent Air Mobility initiative

Pipistrel has been selected as one of the winners of the worldwide Re.Invent Air Mobility initiative for expressions of interest to contribute to the development of urban air mobility industry branch

Green Aerolease and Pipistrel Aircraft announce a partnership to accelerate the deployment of electric aviation in France and in Europe

Green Aerolease announces partnership with Pipistrel Aircraft and with support of the French Federation of Aeronautics, to accelerate transition of light aviation to sustainable, zero-emission kind, in France and other European countries.

Pipistrel organized a maintenance type training for Velis Electro for Part-66 licenced aircraft mechanics

As the first in the history of aviation, Pipistrel can train other organizations’ mechanics for maintenance of certified electric aircraft, our Velis Electro. The 5-day course attracted a lot of interest.
Mayor of municipality of Ajdovščina, Mr. Beočanin and Mr. Ivo Boscarol

Members of the Pipistrel group awarded by government for selfless work in the fight against Covid-19

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia awarded commemorative signs and award certificates for altruistic work in the fight against COVID-19 to the most deserving individuals.

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