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Projekt zajema certificiranje polnilnic za električna letala.

Major Milestone Announcement: MAHEPA Electric Drive Unit completed pre-flight qualification tests

Pipistrel is proud to announce that the MAHEPA Electric Drive unit, developed by Compact Dynamics with the support of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, has completed all the qualification tests and is ready to be integrated in the Panthera and Hy4 aircraft. First flight of MAHEPA novel hybrid-electric aircraft is now one step closer to reality.

UNIFIER19 completes the first stage of the project

At Pipistrel, we are announcing successful completion of the first stage of the project UNIFIER19, where three project partners (Politecnico di Milano, TU Delft and Pipistrel Vertical Solutions) have laid groundwork methodology and tools for multi-objective interdisciplinary design and optimization of a brand-new near-zero-emission commuter aircraft concept.


ARTEM European project – Wind tunnel testing in INCAS, Bucharest

The members of Pipistrel PVS research returned from week long wind tunnel testing in INCAS, Bucharest, where they tested a model wing with modular attachment points for different distributed electrical propulsion configurations, designed and built within the ARTEM European project.