To significantly advance knowledge, its applications and integration in aerospace related disciplines; To deliver best flying experience and highest quality products for pilot training, leisure activities and future air travel solutions; To significantly reduce cost of flying, air pollution, noise, congestion; To educate new generations of aerospace professionals through applied research, multidisciplinary engineering and cutting-edge technological development.

WE COMPLY with regulatory and industry requirements related to quality and safety, and we only work with suppliers who abide by these same standards.
WE STAND BY our products and services, and are always responsive to our customers.
WE WORK according to a streamlined set of standardized business processes, and we continuously innovate and improve our products and services.
WE NEVER deliver, receive, make or ship subpar quality products or services to our internal or external customers.
WE EMPOWER EMPLOYEES by creating a stimulating work environment where all employees understand they are responsible for delivering high-quality products and services, preventing waste, simplifying processes, and making decisions that enable us to meet or exceed customer and stakeholder expectations.

At Pipistrel, we build our success on the basis of social responsibility towards the environment, employees and local communities. Through our three decades of existence, we performed over 20 actions to create better health conditions in Vipava valley and wider, improve the environment, help and support local charity and health institutions and much more.
To learn about the wide scope of Pipistrel's social responsibility, visit this page: PIPISTREL'S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

To shape the future of aviation by developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, which are personalised, safe, environmentally friendly and enable affordable ways of flying to everyone.

We provide quality on every level

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers

We all contribute to leadership as a team

We take integrity seriously

We value
Pipistrel people

We focus
on safety

Our suppliers are
essential team members

Our products and services are
"best in class" in value
received for money.
We deliver excellence, strive
for continuous improvement
and respond to change with
flexibility and vigor.
Each of us is responsible for
the quality of whatever we do.

We believe in respecting
our customers, listening
to their requests and
understanding their
We must work to exceed
their expectations in
affordability, quality and
on-time delivery.

Pipistrel’s leadership is
founded on talented
employees effectively
applying advanced
technology, innovative
manufacturing and sound
business management. We
add more value at lower
cost with faster response.
We each lead through our
competence, creativity and

We are each personally
accountable for the highest
standards of behaviour,
including honesty and fairness
in all aspects of our work.
We fulfil our commitments as
aviators and employees.
We are consistently treating
customers, partners and
company resources with the
respect they deserve.

We treat one another with
respect and take pride in
the significant contributions
that come from the diversity
of individuals and ideas. Our
continued success requires
us to provide the education
and development needed to
help our people grow. We
are committed to openness
and trust in all relationships.

We work to protect the
health and well-being of our
employees and to provide
our customers with high
quality, reliable and safe
products. We are committed
to safe operations and are
diligent in our safety
practices and processes.

Our products and services are
"best in class" in value recieved
for money. We deliver
excellence, strive for continuous
improvement and respond to
change with flexibility and vigor.
Each of us is responsible for the
quality of whatever we do.










The birthplace of Pipistrel; with main focus on aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and aircraft sales

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions is Pipistrel’s R&D and Certification division

Pipistrel Italia operates a state-of-the-art production facility for final assembly and predelivery phases



Pipistrel d.o.o.

Ajdovščina (Slovenia)



Vipava (Slovenia)

Pipistrel s.r.l.

Gorizia (Italy)

Vertical Solutions

Ajdovščina (Slovenia)

Pipistrel 3D Studio

Ajdovščina (Slovenia)


Ivo Boscarol

Ivo Boscarol

Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Gabe Massey

Gabe Massey

President and Managing Director

Tine Tomažič

Tine Tomažič

Group CTO and Director of Research & Development

Maša Čertalič

Maša Čertalič

Group CFO

Peter Boscarol

Peter Boscarol

CEO of Pipistrel Italia srl.

Taja A. Boscarol

Taja A. Boscarol

Head of PR


In its 30 years, Pipistrel has grown from an enthusiastic hobby hang-glider garage manufacture
into a world-renowned small aircraft producer, recognised by leading global aviation authorities.
With its revolutionary ideas, Pipistrel introduced composites to microlight and light sport aircraft,
achieved first ever electric flight of a two- and four-seater,
won all 3 NASA challenges and won the hearts of passionate aviators on all continents.
In April 2022, Pipistrel became part of Textron eAviation, a business segment of Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT)
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Ivo Boscarol has been actively involved in alternative aviation since 1975, when Slovenia was still a part of former Yugoslavia. In that time alternative and microlight flying was illegal – in fact it did not exist at all. The airfield Ivo was using belonged to the military, so the first alternative pilots, if they wanted to fly, had to do it in secret. They had to wait until pilots who flew conventional aircraft finished flying for the day, locked the hangar and went home, and then try to sneak in for an hour of flying before the darkness fell. Because they were flying so late in the evening, using lights at the front of their alternative aircraft, and because the powered hang-gliders had triangular-shaped wings, the local people started to call them “those bats”. The Latin word for a “bat” is “Pipistrellus” – and the rest is history.


GAT 2008
& PAV 2007

European Business Award –
Most innovative
in EU

Dr. August
Raspet memorial

FAI Diploma,
11 FAI
world records

NASA Green
Flight Challenge
1.3 M USD


…and many more!


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Gabe Massey is president and managing director of Pipistrel, the award-winning global leader in electric aircraft.
In his role, Massey leads Pipistrel’s executive team and oversees the company’s growth strategy, product development and integration within Textron. Gabe has gained significant integration experience throughout his career with Textron, managing strong international stakeholder relationships across employees, customers, suppliers and distributors.
Massey recently served as vice president, Asia-Pacific Customer Service, at Textron Aviation, where he was responsible for the company’s service network in the Asia-Pacific region, including all company-owned maintenance facilities and authorized service facilities.
Previously, he was general manager at Able Aerospace Services and held several positions at Bell, including integrated product team lead for the 525 Relentless program.
Massey joined the Textron enterprise directly from University with Bell Canada. He then joined the Textron Leadership Development Program where he completed rotations with Textron Aviation, Lycoming and Textron Systems businesses.
Massey holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Pipistrel Germany GmbH

Operational adress:
"Hangar 14"
Airfield EDHF
Heeresfliegerstr./Taxiway East
25551 Hohenlockstedt

Office adress:
Heidmuehlenweg 43
25336 Elmshorn

Tel.: +49 162 2392990

E-Mail: wsn@pipistrel-germany.de

Form: limited liability corporation
Company registration register court Pinneberg, HRB14471PI

IBAN: DE03 2215 0000 0111 1858 49

Pipistrel ITALIA s.r.l.
Via Fratelli Rusjan 26
Italia, EU

Tel.: +39 3703207623

E-mail: info.italia@pipistrel-aircraft.com

Forma giuridica: Societa a responsabilita limitata
Sede legale: Savogna d'lsonzo (GO) Via Fratelli Rusjan 26 cap 34070

Codice fiscale: 01116190313
Numero REA: G0-73050

IBAN: IT97 Y086 2212 4010 0400 0323 869
Banca/Bank: Banca di Credito Cooperative di Lucinico Farra e Capriva, Agenzia Gorizia san Rocco
Indirizzo/Address: Via Veniero 4, 34170 Gorizia, Italia

Pipistrel Vertical Solutions d.o.o.
Vipavska cesta 2
SI-5270 Ajdovščina

Company ID number: 7254466000
VAT/TAX number: SI 45266743

Court record entry number: 2017/10669, entered in the Court Register at the District Court in Nova Gorica
Date of entry: 16.03.2017

Ownership: the company is 100% private owned.

Bank accounts:

Bank name: Nova KBM d.d.
Bank address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, SI-2505 Maribor
IBAN no.: SI56 0400 1004 9617 429
Bank name: Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.
Bank address: Pristaniška ulica 14, SI-6000 Koper
IBAN no.: SI56 1010 0005 5897 991

Pipistrel d.o.o.
Goriška cesta 50a
SI-5270 Ajdovščina



Tel: +386 5 36 63 873
Fax: +386 5 36 61 263

Legislation and taxation facts and numbers

Company ID number: 5672767
VAT/TAX number: SI 68911564

Activity code: 30.300
Court record entry number: 065/10266500, entered in the Court Register at the District Court in Nova Gorica
Date of entry: 30.9.1992

Ownership: the company is 100% private owned.

75% share: Ivo Boscarol (CEO and founder)
25% share: A. T. Boscarol

Bank accounts:

Bank name: Nova KBM d.d.
Bank Address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, SI-2505 Maribor
IBAN no.: SI56 0475 1000 0104 859
Bank name: Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.
Bank Address: Pristaniska ulica 14, SI-6000 Koper
IBAN no.: SI56 1010 0005 5178 736
Bank name: Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.
Bank Address: Trg republike 2, SI-1520 Ljubljana
IBAN no.: SI56 0294 5026 1040 127
Bank name: SKB d.d.
Bank Address: Ajdovščina 4, SI-1513 Ljubljana
IBAN no.: SI56 0313 0100 0721 634
Bank name: UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d.
Bank Address: Smartinska 140, SI-1000 Ljubljana
IBAN no.: SI56 2900 0005 1297 046




Danny was born in 1984. He studied East Asian politics and graduated from the University of Melbourne, with a bachelor’s degree. He grew up in Australia, with a Chinese family background, so both his Chinese and English have reached the level of a native speaker’s, and he also has a deep understanding of Chinese and western cultures. Danny became the exclusive distributor of Pipistrel in China since 2012, and with his in-depth understanding of Chinese and western cultures and his insights gained from the study of politics, he spent three years to acquire the VTC of CAAC for VIRUS SW 80&100, VIRUS 912, SINUS and Taurus. He also successfully invited Mr. Feng Zhenglin, who is currently the Administrator of CAAC, to visit Slovenia in 2016. And CAAC signed a bilateral agreement with CAA of Slovenia, paving an important way for the development of Pipistrel in China. Witnessed by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Ivo signed an agreement with Chinese partner for manufacturing aircraft in 2016, laying a solid foundation for Pipistrel’s business development in China. Danny is proficient in Chinese and western languages, cultures and manners. He has rich experience in international trade and negotiation. He is capable to handle tough situations under high pressure. Over the past eight years, he has made great contributions for Pipistrel to enter and develop in China market. The success story of Pipistrel China just begins, led by Ivo and Danny, it will embrace a more promising future.

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    Ms Taja Boscarol was born in 1982. She has background in visual arts at the University of Ljubljana, where she graduated as professor of art education. She worked at Pipistrel first as a contractual partner for several years during which she acquired vast experience in design of aircraft interior, art and visual design, web design and customer support. She has a full-time position in Pipistrel since 2008 as an independent researcher and aircraft designer. In 2011 she took over customer guidance, company presentations and news reports. In­­­ 2014 she was named the Head of PR department. At the moment she works in various fields such as PR and media support, graphic design and company promotion, while at the same time working on her PhD in Design of Civil Aviation Aircraft Interior with the Help of Consumer Neuroscience.


    Ms Maša Čertalič was born in 1976. She studied at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, achieving the major in international trade. She continued her Master degree of transport and logistics management at the International Management Institute in Antwerp (Belgium), where she concluded also the MBA study. In 2001 she began her working career at the Port of Koper, where she started with marketing and promotion activities, focusing also on managing several key development projects, establishing new business units and participating in international initiatives. In 2008 she started systematically managing port development activities as Head of R&D department, where she launched also the cooperation on cofinanced projects and stronger institutional support on national and EU level, highlighting port strategic priorities and policies. In 2014 she was nominated as Head of Strategic development, working mainly on strategic projects, business strategy, forecasting and planning. She has experience in Corporate governance as she was also a Supervisory board member of different companies and having the certification from Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) since 2009. She joined Pipistrel’s team in 2018 as Head of Strategic Development and Director of Pipistrel China project.


    Ms Nataša Gregorič was born in 1971. She has an economic background from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, where she graduated in 1995. She gained over 20 years of experience in accounting, tax and financial fields, working for consulting companies as well as for small and medium enterprises, where she contributed to solve and support several business decisions at operational and strategic management level. Nataša joined Pipistrel in 2013 for advanced accounting issues. In 2014 she was nominated as Head of accounting and in 2017 she moved to PVS and started her position as Director of Corporate Services, where she is responsible for accounting, finance, controlling, human resources and ICT functions for all Pipistrel’s companies.


    Ms Ingrid Heuffel Berginc was born in 1975. In 2005 she received her Masters Degree in Textile Engineering from University of Ljubljana. She has 17 years of experience in Quality systems (ISO 9001, IATF16949, AS9000, ISO 14001, SA8000, etc).
    She is CEO of Pipistrel d.o.o. since 2018 and responsible for managing production organization according Part 21 as well as Quality Manager of Production organization SI.21G.0002 and Design Organisation EASA DO 21.J.524 since 2013. She is the leader auditor of ISO 9001 and an expert (and auditor) for Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. She actively evaluates the accreditation procedures and external evaluation of institutes, faculties, high schools.


    Mr Peter Boscarol was born in 1977. In 2002 he graduated as mechanical engineer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. After the graduation he worked for nearly 10 years as Head of production and Head of quality in the field of metal heat treatments in different Slovenian and Italian companies. In 2010 he started to work for Pipistrel as Head of quality and with his team obtained the EASA certificate Part 21G for the certified production. In those years of fast growing production he took the role of Production manager. Peter is a deep believer in electric and hybrid aircrafts, especially in the future VTOL concepts of flying vehicles. He was appointed as the Director of Pipistrel Italia in 2016, where he introduced and started the operations in the new Pipistrel’s facility. At the moment he is completing his Master Degree in Economic Engineering at the University of Nova Gorica.


    Mr Tine Tomažič was born in 1983 and received his B.Sc and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2007 and 2014 respectively. A pilot since the age of 15, instructor since age 19 and test pilot since age 22, Tine has also flown in 8 different electric aircraft and participated in the development of five of them. Tine is a deep believer in electric flight and has dedicated his Ph.D Thesis, titled “Development of control strategies and systems to optimize flying with hybrid-powered aeroplanes” to research technologies to identify the future of electric flight, including distributed electric propulsion architectures, powertrain modeling, flight mission optimization. As a member of Pipistrel’s R&D team, Tine is responsible for the areas of electric flight- and electric-systems since 2007 and is Head of Design Organisation EASA DO 21J.524 and maintains credentials as Compliance Verification Engineer for Electric Powertrains, Systems and Flight Test. Tine has been appointed as the Director of Research and Development at Pipistrel as of 2015, which was in 2017 succeeded by PVS, and actively participates in developments of new standards for electric and hybrid electric general aviation aircraft and is a member EASA’s Technology-4-Safety advisory group.


    Mr Ivo Boscarol was born in 1956. He is a pilot and entrepreneur who laid the foundations for alternative flying in the home country and set the aviation standards on the global scale. He studied economy in Ljubljana in seventies, but he was attracted by aviation already in his youth, when he was engaged in sport flying and achieved many great successes, such as: 7 national champion titles in hang-glider and ultralight aircraft categories, 2 national speed records and 2 awards as Slovenian sportsman of the year. Boscarol registered Pipistrel as a trademark in 1987 and established the company in 1989, becoming the first private aircraft producer in the Balkans area. He made a crucial contribution to the establishment of a global aviation category “ultralight” by being the co-designer of many unique aircraft, among others: a line of world-class powered hang gliders, Taurus - world’s first two seat side-by-side ultralight motor glider, Sinus - the aircraft for the World Champion crew of 2001 and the record breaking flight around the world in 2004; Virus SW - double NASA Challenge award winner. For his contribution to aviation he was awarded with the FAI Paul Tissandier diploma. An avid environmentalist, Ivo directed the design of his aircraft into energy efficiency and has been one of the pioneers of electric propulsion for more than 15 years, being actively involved in developing:

    - Taurus Electro, the world’s first 2-seat fully electric motorglider (2007);
    - Taurus G4, world’s first 4-seat fully electric aircraft, which won the 1,3 Million USD NASA Challenge award;
    - Alpha Electro, the first serially produced electric trainer (2014);
    - Panthera, the first 4-seat hybrid propulsion aircraft;
    - Hy4, the first 4-seat aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel cells (2016).

    For his aviation and business achievements he received the highest civil award in the Republic of Slovenia: The President decorated him with the Golden Order for the services to the country in 2011. In 2017 he received the Knightly order “Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia” for cooperation between Slovenia and Italy. In 2018 he was awarded as “Living legends of aviation” for honouring achievements in the aerospace industry. Based on all outstanding results he obtained also several recognitions and annual nominations on national level as: Personality of Slovenia, Best entrepreneur, Best businessman & Best manager in Slovenia. For the last 6 years in the row he was voted the most trustable brand businessman in Slovenia. Nowadays Ivo dedicates his time to the leadership of Pipistrel group and development of new environment-friendly aircraft and concepts. Since 2014 he has been favouring the development of E-VTOL vehicles, on UBER “flying car” concept and revolutionary window-to-window air transport with autonomous electric vehicles, which would make city transport more efficient, safer and cleaner.