Today the world is celebrating the Earth day; an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first held on April 22, 1970, so it has been celebrated for more than 50 years running. It now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by, including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.

This event means a lot to Pipistrel, because we have always been a very environment-oriented company. For more than half of our existence, we have been following our unique EcoLution philosophy, which guides all aspects of our existence and business.

Pipistrel has always made sure that our aircraft, our company buildings and working environment, and all our deeds and actions towards the outside world were green.

Did you know that Pipistrel was the first in the world to:
-make a fully electric two-seat aircraft
-make a fully electric 4-seat aircraft
-fully certify an electric aircraft for the purposes of commercial use and training?

Yes, these were our great successes.

But we also contribute to the protection of environment with small, every-day deeds. Let me give you an example:

Each year we typically sent approximately 1000 greetings cards. Every greeting is composed of a card and an envelope. So that is at least 2 sheets of paper (times 1000). Altogether this makes 2000 sheets of paper. Taking into account the environmental effect of producing this much paper (production impact and raw materials corresponding to 1/4 of a tree. A full-grown tree would otherwise absorb around 16kg of CO2 yearly, so that amounts to 4kg of CO2) and the world-wide delivery (est. 25-50g CO2 per letter),  this sums at 54 kg of CO2 per Christmas!
Would you really wish to give anyone 54 kg of CO2 for Christmas?

This is exactly why we decided to start distributing holiday greetings only through our website and e-mail. But there is more! A fully-grown tree absorbs around 16kg of CO2 yearly, so not only have we saved CO2 emissions by not sending out paper greeting cards, we gave the best possible holiday gift to the Nature. We planted 10 new trees next to our premises in Ajdovščina.

The deed was accepted very well and we received a lot of positive feedback, so this encouraged us to take it a step further. This was the time when we were thinking about our new construction facility in Italy (foundation laid in 2014). To prevent it from being just one huge grey box, we decided to plant trees all along the sides.

Trees at the Pipistrel factory in Italy

All together, we planted ONE HUNDRED trees! I invite you to do the calculations yourself. 🙂

For our deeds we received many awards in our past.
Every year since 2006, the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia organizes the campaign “Zemljo so nam posodili otroci” (“The Earth was lent to us by our children“) to promote, raise awareness and educate the population about the importance of preserving our planet. Every year a number large number of primary and secondary schools join the three months of continuous activities to chose the one who, in their opinion, contributed the most to protecting and keeping our environment clean, healthy and human-friendly.  The final event, held on the Earth day, is when they announce the winners of seven categories .
In 2009 Pipistrel received the award in the category “Clean air” for the greatest contribution to the preserving clean atmosphere.

Almost all Pipistrel R&D projects are very environment-oriented. Some of them are still running. Have a look:

Pipistrel’s General manager, Ivo Boscarol, likes to point out:
“If we take a look at our lovely Earth from space, we can see a really thin, light-blue layer around the planet.  This is our atmosphere. All the air we have at our disposal.
Humans can survive a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but only a few short minutes without the air. Unfortunately, we are not sufficiently aware of these facts. I sincerely hope that in the future Pipistrel will play one of the key roles in the development of green and environment-friendly solutions for aviation propulsion.”

It is a duty of all of us who can contribute to saving the Earth for future generations, to start doing this right now.

…and what will YOU do to save our planet?