There is no distributor for the USA or for Australia at the moment.

In order to enhance our customer experience, Pipistrel is setting up a new distribution network in the USA and Australia, elevating our level of service, support and availability of spare parts.

As a start of this reorganization, Pipistrel is welcoming all the customers and parties interested to be our partners to contact the company directly for all inquiries at: and for support at:, as
the relationships with the current distributor has ended on Thursday, 12. August 2021.

All the e-mails sent to any of the previous addresses ( will be lost and will not reach us. Please consider also that the web pages and may contain false information.

For the owners of Pipistrel’s 2,300+ aircraft, we thank you for your loyalty to Pipistrel, and we look forward to serving you at an unprecedented level.

Pipistrel Team