Do you want to learn to fly?

Learning to fly will be one of the best experiences you will have in your life. Learning to fly on Pipistrel aircraft adds even more to this enjoyment.

Performance, equipment

Pipistrel aircraft are one of the highest performing aircraft available for basic training. All of the models are characterised by high speed and high climb rate.

The high speed and high climb rate make Pipistrel aircraft safer and more effective in training.

The effectiveness from speed and good climb enables you to cover more distance during your training. You will be able to make landings at more airfields in the same amount of time. Furthermore, since it climbs better it will enable you to spend more time practicing manoeuvres in the practice area, rather then slowly climbing to it.

At the same time, the performance does not come at a significant cost. The source of Pipistrel performance is not engine power, but light weight and great aerodynamics.

This means that the aircraft are also extremely well behaved in slow speed and stalls, which are traditionally the biggest safety issue of all aircraft.

Since the performance does not come from horsepower, usually the price per flight hour of Pipistrel aircraft is very competitive. You can usually train on a modern, high performance Pipistrel with the same cost or less then on a classical, old trainer.

Technology and user experience

Usually basic flying training experienced is somewhat spoiled due to the age of the typical training aircraft. Most training aircraft are 40 and more years old. Pipistrel recognised decades ago that piloting an aircraft must be also a great user experience from the standpoint of aesthetic.

The outside of the aircraft is beautifully finished with high gloss acrylic paint that gives the sleek aerodynamic shape a special quality.

The inside is tight, but comfortable with attention to every detail, from the pure carbon instrument panel to the last stitch on the leather upholstery.

Pipistrel pilot are of two categories. Those who were trained on a Pipistrel and do not want to accept anything less. And those who were trained on an old, worn, dirty training aircraft, but then transitioned to Pipistrel and regret not being trained on it in the first place.

While flying Pipistrel you are guaranteed to be on the cutting edge of technology. From the latest glass cockpits, to the latest aerodynamic solutions, advanced structures all the way to the world-leading electric propulsion.

Pipistrel aircraft are technologically advanced and same is user experience. Pipistrel aircraft are standard setters in the industry and you deserve nothing less.

The training systems

The training experience is not only about the aircraft, but it encompasses the whole training system. Here Pipistrel has the most complete in-house training system of any light aircraft manufacturer.

This includes:

These is advanced, interactive study materials that you can study at any time or any place, saving your precious time. They are written directly by Pipistrel test pilots, instructor pilots and engineers. You learn from the source of knowledge.

  • VR simulators

Pipistrel was the first company that introduced flight simulators with VR goggles. This technology provide advanced and immersive training experienced and most serious flight schools using Pipistrel aircraft have an VR simulator.


Global training solutions

Pipistrel offers a true global training solution. On Pipistrel aircraft you can train:

  • for LSA, PPL, IFR and night flying in USA
  • for ultralight / microlight licence in Europe
  • for PPL and RPPL in Australia and New Zealand.
  • worldwide first training on electric aircraft in Australia and US

Search the network of flight schools which use Pipistrel Aircraft. Your Pipistrel training experience starts here.

For a limited number of pilots, the training can be done at Pipistrel Academy Lab in Slovenia.

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