Learning to fly?

Pipistrel aircraft are not just advanced enough to hold several world champion titles, NASA awards and world records – but also basic and practical enough to be ideal for training of new pilots.

Many flight schools all over the world use Pipistrel aircraft for training.

Why is it better to learn to fly on a Pipistrel?

The big advantage of Pipistrel planes is being extremely energy efficient and consequentially much cheaper in operation. The average fuel consumption of the Pipistrel “Alpha Trainer” is less than 10 litres of mogas per hour. Flight schools can therefore offer lower prices to the students – learning to fly is cheaper!

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FTO using Pipistrel Aircraft

But the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer is not the only Pipistrel aircraft which is great for training;
-The Sinus is an ideal compromise for flight schools that want to offer training on both engine-powered and glider aircraft – with one single machine! There is no need to train on two different aircraft, when the Sinus can offer all you need.
-The self-launching glider Taurus is a huge step forward in glider pilot training. With its unique design it is one of the few glider aircraft in the market with side-by-side seating. This enables the instructor to see everything that the student does and offer immediate help and explanations. Twin sets of commands enable easy and safe handling for both the student and the instructor.
Learning to fly is simple and practical!

The two parallel wheels retractable undercarriage enables complete independence without the need for a wingtip-helper. It offers easy maneuverability and agility both in the air and on the ground. The retractable engine makes gliding available year-round – there is no limit to the gliding season for the Taurus! Flight schools don’t need a tow aircraft – just sit in the Taurus and go flying, enjoy your flying independence!
Learning to glide with no seasonal limits, no tow-aircraft and no need for a helper!
The majority of the Pipistrel aircraft are registered as LSA in the USA, South America and Australia, where they are suitable for training in the Light Sport and Ultralight categories as well as being suitable for training to PPL (Private Pilot Licence) standards. The Pipistrel SW 121 EASA LSA type certified model will also offer PPL license training for European schools.

Learning to fly is ECO friendly – now electric!

Performance of the WATTsUP 2-seat electric trainer is tailored to the needs of flight schools.
Short take-off distance, powerful 1000+ fpm climb, and endurance of one hour plus a 30 minute reserve. The WATTsUP is optimized for traffic-pattern operations, where 13% of energy is recuperated on every approach, increasing endurance and at the same time enabling short-field landings.

It’s the simplest, greenest way to learn to fly!

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