Mr. Simon Hackett, an experienced glider pilot from down under, wrote a blog about flying his Taurus Electro self-launching motor-glider, from The Vale Airfield in Northwest Tasmania. He describes his adventure – three successive days of gliding at The Vale, in three distinct weather systems, with his son Gabe as the co-pilot and photographer… and how they tackled the systems with their Taurus Electro.

It’s a story that’s a pleasure to read, educational and with many great photos, so make sure to visit Mr. Hackett’s website:

Day One – Wave Soaring
Posted on October 1, 2020

According to Mr. Hackett, one of the most wonderful ways to go soaring in a glider is the use of ‘Mountain Lee Waves’.

Day Two – Soaring using Thermals
Posted on October 2, 2020

Mr. Hackett and his son Gabe wound up reaching around 6000 feet over the very same valley that they had wave soared across the day before. They admired a great view of the Central Plateau and had a lovely time. According to Mr. Hackett’s words, “…as is often the case on a good thermalling day – by the late afternoon it seemed hard to go down.”

Day Three – Ridge soaring
Posted on October 3, 2020

Mr. Hackett describes the third day of his experience – ridge soaring along Mount Roland and its vicinity – as “…flying end to end along the Gog Ranges at will, with an armchair view, watching the world go by.”

After a few passes back and forth along the full length of the ridge, he recorded a short video of the experience, which you can see on his website.