The Swiss electric planes fly without a rest.

The Velis Electro fleet in Switzerland achieved together more than 1000 hours of flight time in flight school usage with their 10 partner flight schools.

The student pilot who made the thousandth flying hour was Ms Andrea Blindenbacher, as a part of her PPL training.

She said: “The experience is twofold for me. The ease of use of the Velis Electro allows you to fully concentrate on flying and really enjoying it, plus, knowing that your flights are at lower emissions and with less noise makes it even better.”

Mr. Fabio Zaugg of AlpinAirPlanes GmbH reported: “The Fleet leader Velis Electro aircraft HB-SYE will shortly arrive at 300 hours of flight time.”

It is great to see that the Swiss fleet of Pipistrel Velis Electros is flying high! The AlpinAirPlanes GmbH and their team are getting more and more experience with “electrifying” aviation! (If they’re collecting flight hours at this rate, they will soon teach us all, right? 🙂