Remember our 2009 New Year’s resolution? We promised not to send any Christmas cards and waste all that paper, and to plant four new trees instead.

Of course, at Pipistrel we keep our promises – but not quite to the word. Instead of four new trees, we planted TEN of them!! 🙂

Here is the story and some photos:

It was a sunny morning in early March, ideal for planting trees. We decided to place them along the eastern wall of the Pipistrel production building so they will catch all the morning sun (and hopefully act also as a wind-break once they grow a bit).

We decided to plant fruit trees – so in a few years, we might be able to offer our guests our own brand of ecologically-grown fruit!

First of all, we needed to dig the planting holes and prepare the soil:
Planting trees
Planting trees
The types of trees selected were: two peach trees, two pear trees, two apple trees, two cherry trees and two plum trees.
With holes and stakes prepared, all we needed to do is plant the trees!
The honour of planting the very first tree of course belonged to our CEO, Mr Ivo Boscarol.
The new trees are planted and growing happily!
And if you happen to travel through Slovenia in one of the next years, make sure to stop by and try our fruit.