UPDATE: 31. March 2015 
They say aircraft wings are so smooth and elegant they remind you of poetry. Well, the aircraft factory hall isn’t that far away from it, either!

UPDATE: 21. March 2015

UPDATE: 13. March 2015

New aerial images – the production hall is growing fast!

UPDATE: 9. March 2015 – roof beams are added.

The factory building in Italy is reaching new heights. This week the prefabricated structure has started to rise from the bare foundations.

The pillars assembly began from the office area and is now proceeding towards the area dedicated to the aircraft sub-systems assembly. The hangar pillars will be the last to be erected.

The aerial photo shows the 7.70m tall concrete pillars towering above the ground and two exceptional-load trucks which delivered the construction elements.

The crane is lifting the concrete beams which are inserted into the foundation pits while the concrete mixer simultaneously fills each gap.

On the photo the general manager Ivo Boscarol is standing between the safety engineer Mr. Emidio DiLena (left) and the team leader of the Ricessi construction company, Mr. Elvio Cossar.