16. October 2014
The concrete is finally poured for the foundation of the new factory in Italy! 

Yesterday was a happy day for the Pipistrel team – we celebrated the laying of foundation for the new Panthera factory in Italy!
During the month of September the base has been dug and steel frames were placed for the foundation by the Italian company Riccesi:

…and yesterday finally the biiiig machines arrived and started pouring concrete!

There is a tradition in this part of the world that a coin is thrown into the fresh foundation concrete for good luck…

On the second photo, throwing coins (left to right): Mr. Ivo Boscarol, director of Pipistrel; Mr. Elvio Cossar, leader of the Riccesi construction team; and dr. Igor Perkon, member of Pipistrel R&D department

Of course the happy event could not pass without a little celebration, good “pršut” dried ham and some champagne!

Mr. Elvio Cossar volunteered for the pleasant task of hand-cutting the pršut.

The director of Pipistrel, Mr. Ivo Boscarol (left), opened the bottle of champagne assisted by the mayor of the municipality of Savogna d’Isonzo (Sovodnje ob Soči) Mrs. Alenka Florenin and Mr. Emidio Dilena, the site security officer.

Director of the Riccesi company, Mr. Donato Riccesi and Mr. Ivo Boscarol, director of Pipistrel, enjoyed a glass of champagne.

So the foundation is good and solid now and the building can continue to rise.

And for the end, a group photo of everyone present:

Together with the all people mentioned above, there are Mr. Walter De Gressi, general construction supervisor for Pipistrel; Mr. Michele Pellizzari from Studio De Gressi Architects; engineer Mr. Mauro Latino, the structural works supervisor for Pipistrel, the team of Riccesi construction workers and Pipistrel team members, and some Pipistrel LSA company shareholders.