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Balázs Magyar: A flight from Hungary to San Marino in a Virus SW 121

Trip report of a scenic flight from Budapest to San Marino along the coast

An 85-year-old man sets a new record for the oldest cadet student in China on a VIRUS SW100

On August 17th 2021, 85-year-old Wang Deshun completed the Sport Pilot license on a Virus SW100 and set a record as the oldest student pilot in China.

Olympic games flag bearer has flown in a Pipistrel!

The Zambia's official Flag Bearer at the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan has a little bit of Pipistrel in her...

Goodbye, Mr. Zoltan Molnár

Goodby, Mr. Zoltan Molnár

Pipistrel Velis Electro flew at the Paris Air Forum 2021 and received a prize

Pipistrel participated at the Paris Air Forum with a demo flight of our Velis Electro.
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