On Wednesday 7. 7., the Uruguayan National Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya, FAU) honoured the Pipistrel representative in Uruguay with a visit. The FAU delegation visited our distributor, Mr. Andres Martin Valdez, and his team at their hangars on the main airport of Carrasco, Montevideo.

The FAU visited Pipistrel to get the first impression about Pipistrel products and their usefulness for the air force, which is looking to replace their old basic trainer aircraft fleet. The team of Pipistrel Uruguay made a great General presentation of Pipistrel, our company, history and greatest achievements.

Pipistrel and the FAU are working together to implement a new training platform, based on the zero-emission principle and green environmental consideration. The goal is a more sustainable way of flying, boosting the military flight school with future knowledge and most modern technology, which will assure continuity of training for many more years.

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In the second part of the presentation, the Pipistrel team introduced The Virus SW 121 more in detail and after a briefing in the offices they took the guests flying.

Each of the guests made 2 flights: the first one was an instrumental flight, where they could appreciate the instrumental capabilities of the aircraft such as for example on the approach to an airport, to see how well the aircraft performs in a busy environment.

The second flight was an advanced maneuvers flight, where the team demonstrated the extreme capabilities of the aircraft and their suitability for training military pilots. All the required maneuvers were performed well, within the certification limits and inside the normal flight envelope, demonstrating that also the advanced maneuvers and UPRT training can be achieved with a non-aerobatic aircraft.

The guests were very impressed by what this small aircraft can do. By their words, it exceeded their expectations in the way it enables high-quality low-cost training. Their conclusion was that this is a perfect aircraft for FAU’s needs.

The Uruguayan Airforce is one of many armed forces all over the world which nowadays consider and adopt the green way of thinking and training. More and more of them decide to use Pipistrel’s products as their main training platform, because of their unique flight characteristics and very cost-effective training packages.

Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya FAU 2021

Uruguay has a longstanding vision about the care of the environment and as a country it is fully committed towards a greener way of living. The Uruguayan Pipistrel team managed to prove this by presenting a new way of training, adapted to the needs and realities of the modern world.

The Pipistrel distributor for Uruguay, Mr. Andres Martin Valdez, added: “We showed that it is possible to do this with almost zero carbon footprint and at a very low cost, and we remarked that it is also our duty to preserve our resources and invest them intelligently. As an Uruguayan I feel very honoured to see our Airforce thinking in this direction too, and I remain very excited about the endless possibilities that now open for our cadets. In this rapidly changing world we need to be agile and we need to adapt fast, otherwise we are only going to unnecessarily waste our resources.”