The US-based Technology Service Corporation Surpasses 2,100th Mission Sortie and 28,000 Combat Flight Hour Milestones for Innovative Unmanned Long Endurance Aircraft Flight Operations

Pipistrel announces a significant milestone for our Surveyor business line of large, long endurance surveillance platforms. Pipistrel is supplying TSC with tailored MALE-class airframes with unique performance capabilities and proven durability and operational reliability.

We congratulate TSC for all their past developmental and operational success having accumulated tens of thousands of flight hours and look forward to continuing to strengthen our long term partnership.

In continuation, please find the TSC’s official media release:

Arlington, VA – Technology Service Corporation’s (TSC) operation and sustainment of the Group 4 unmanned long endurance aircraft (LEA) fleet recently completed its 2,100th mission sortie milestone with more than 28,000 combat flight hours in support of high-priority intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations for the Department of Defense. Deployed since 2016, the LEA system provides cost-effective and enduring continuous full motion video and electronic surveillance for beyond line of sight ISR operations.

Developed and advanced under several DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts, the medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aerial system (UAS) utilizes a high lift to drag ratio commercial composite Pipistrel Sinus airframe. The UAS conversion provides fully automated takeoff to landing flight operations utilizing hardened GPS navigation and an encrypted satellite-based command and data relay for true global operational access. The LEA system can also provide a rapid expeditionary ISR capability for deployment to austere locations with operations initiated in less than 24 hours with both an all forward or split forward launch and recovery and remote mission control configuration.

The LEA system employs many cutting edge commercial and military technologies while providing a demonstrated significant reduction in Group 4 UAS system, operations and maintenance costs. Suitable for export as a system or data collection services, LEA is quickly adapted to new payloads, capabilities, and system upgrades to enable customers to effectively utilize the LEA platform for their specific mission applications including maritime domain awareness and airborne counter-UAS.

The high level of LEA automation greatly reduces operator training requirements to less than 6 weeks and the small operations crew size significantly lowers operating costs relative to other unmanned ISR platforms. Even under a continuous combat ISR flight operations tempo, the LEA system has demonstrated high mission availability and low cost per flight hour relative to similar Group 4 UAS platforms. A LEA Family of Systems is currently in development to provide interoperability of multiple commercial-based UAS platforms providing a range of endurance, payload suite, and airfield requirement capabilities.

Technology Service Corporation (TSC) is an employee-owned, high-technology company primarily engaged in providing engineering services to the US Government. These services involve support of systems throughout their life cycles from advanced concept development through operational support. Based on strategic partnerships with other innovative businesses providing ISR services, TSC has successfully deployed and operated more than 40 Group 2 and Group 4 UAS systems and has provided more than 45,000 total combat flight hours for multiple DoD components.

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Surveyor - Pipistrel surveillance platform

Surveyor - Pipistrel MALE Surveillance platform

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