Thursday, 21. April – General Manager of Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol, received the EASA Full Type Certificate for the aircraft SW 121 LSA TC from the hands of EASA Executive Manager Mr. Patrik Ky.

At the AERO expo in Germany, on a small handover ceremony at the Pipistrel’s booth, the aircraft Virus SW 121 received an EASA Full Type Certificate.

There was a small press conference at the event. The first speaker, Mr. Ivo Boscarol, General Manager of Pipistrel, thanked everyone who contributed to this amazing project, especially project leaders Mr. Vid Plevnik, Head Of Airworthiness & Chief Engineer at Pipistrel and dr. Tine Tomazic, Director of Pipistrel Research&Development Institute.

Ivo was happy and grateful that after 27 years of existence, after obtaining the EASA DOA, after countless hours of hard work of the excellent Pipistrel team, after thousands of documents produced and after millions of Euro spent, his wish and vision was fulfilled and Pipistrel was able to get the first EASA Full Type Certificate for the 2-seat aircraft Virus SW 121.
Ivo also emphasized the role of EASA and thanked the team for their professional and friendly support throughout the process.

The next speaker was Her Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Germany, Mrs. Marta Kos Marko, who visited the EXPO together with Mr. Jože Keček, Consul Of The Republic Of Slovenia In Munich.
The Pipistrel Team is very happy and feels honoured that Her Excellency recognized the importance of the event. Her presence gave the certificate also a political value. We are proud that Her Excellency took time to visit all the Slovenian exhibitors at the fair. In her speech she stressed the importance of cooperation between Germany and Slovenia.

Mr. Vid Plevnik, Head Of Airworthiness & Chief Engineer at Pipistrel introduced the aircraft. He described it as the most advanced CS-CLSA two-seat aircraft available in the market today and the first ever fully type-certified CS-CLSA aircraft. The SW 121 is the first two-seat aircraft with an autopilot and a wide range of high-class technical equipment.

After that it was time for the big moment:

the EASA Executive Manager Mr. Patrik Ky handed out the Type-Certificate document to Ivo Boscarol.

Of course such an important event can’t go by without some celebration, so all the present shared a glass of champagne or wine!

The General Manager Ivo Boscarol once again wishes to thank every single one of you who contributed in any way to obtaining the certificate. After 27 years Pipistrel has now proudly become a member of the elite club of certified aircraft producers.
As the ceremony concluded, Ivo promised that the first Pipistrel certificate most certainly will not be the last! So stay tuned for more…