Along with the development of their business, the Pipistrel’s distributors for Poland, Skydream company, implement more and more interesting aviation projects. One of them was realized a few days ago in Poznań.

A new Pipistrel Virus SW plane was delivered to the Electronics and Mechanical Technical School, which is part of the Vocational and Continuing Education Center (Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego) in Poznań.

The new aircraft will be used as part of the classes in the Avionics technician and Aircraft mechanic technician programs.

The composite Virus has all the typical elements which are present in modern light planes: it is powered by the Rotax 912 engine, the most popular in light aviation, has a composite propeller with variable pitch, Dynon Avionics glass-cockpit, basic analog instruments, a radio and a transponder. All these elements will definitely help future graduates of the Poznan technical school to learn. A set of tools and documentation required for maintenance was included in the delivery with the aircraft.

It is worth mentioning that CKZiU is the first and only school in Poznań that educates students in the professions of avionics technician and aircraft mechanic technician. It has an experienced engineering staff and cooperates with military bases, airlines maintenance centers and other aviation institutions, including the Poznań Aero Club. It has been even accredited by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Skydream Virus SW and Electronic and Mechanical Technical School in Poznan1

Pipistrel’s representatives of Skydream are honoured by the order.
We hope that the classes conducted on the new plane will provide students with a large dose of aviation knowledge,” said Mr. Krzysztof Będkowski, the official Pipistrel distributor for Poland.

Skydream Virus SW and Electronic and Mechanical Technical School in Poznan

The demand for aircraft mechanics is increasing all over the world. The profession of avionics technician is desirable and sought after in the field of general aviation. They must be broadly and comprehensively educated, since they are responsible for the safety of crew and passengers of the flying units under their care.

We invite all those who are interested in one of those two professions or aircraft in general, to read the newsletter of the Electronics and Mechanical Technical School in Poznań .