The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan (scheduled for Friday 23rd July 2021) is going to be a splendid event. You can watch it tonight live on the Olympic Channel.

But this year, there will be also a tiny little bit of Pipistrel included into the ceremony.

The flag bearers by country for the opening event are known. We are very happy that the female flag bearer for Zambia will be Tilka Paljk (Swimming) along with the male Everisto Mulenga (Boxing). Tilka actually has some roots in Slovenia: her father is Klement Paljk, the nephew of Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel CEO; and Tilka was in fact born in Slovenia.

Tilka has already visited Pipistrel in the past. Of course she took a flight in a Pipistrel plane and tried her hand as a pilot. We think her smile is telling enough!

It also has to be noted that Tilka will become the first ever Swimming athlete to be named flag bearer for Team Zambia at the Olympic Games. She is the national record holder for Women’s 50, 100 and 200 meters breaststroke disciplines for Zambia.