Slovenian society of kite-flyers for kite aerial photography, named KAP Jasa, together with kite-flyers from many other countries such as India, Tunisia, Brazil, Croatia, the United States, Italy, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, etc., has been organising a special action – a global initiative against climate change. The collaboration project between kite-flyers and people from all over the world is called Strings of Hope.

The idea is simple: people send in short messages of hope, and the kite-flyers print them out and send them up in the most natural and environmentally friendly way – on kite strings – into the sky, where they symbolically reach all people.

This year’s theme of the Strings of Hope is the fight against climate change. Because Pipistrel is aware of the importance of taking action against the consequences of climate change – and we are working in this direction on every step of our development and production – Ivo Boscarol, the General Manager of Pipistrel, contributed his message of Hope.

This is what he wrote to all of us:

“If you look at our little Earth from space, you will see a tiny blue belt around it. This is our atmosphere: all the air we have for breathing. A human can live several weeks without food, a several days without water but only a few minutes without the air and we are not aware of this enough. So it is the duty of everybody who can contribute to the cleaner atmosphere in any way, to do so and keep the air clean for future generations.”
Ivo Boscarol

The message has been flown by the members of the One India Kite Team under the leadership of Abdull Maliyekkal and Shahir Manningal.

Ivo’s Message of Hope flew into the skies over the city of Kozhikode in the Indian state of Kerala, thus symbolically reaching all the people of the world.

You can watch the video of the flight here: