Pilot Joseph Oldham with New Vision Aviation captains the zero-emissions flight charged exclusively by transportable off-grid EV ARC™ systems

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
Beam Global, (Nasdaq: BEEM, BEEMW), the leading provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, today announced it successfully set the world record for the longest flight in a production electric aircraft powered by off-grid, renewable solar energy, proving zero-emission aviation is here.

Starting in Fresno, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft flew 227 nautical miles over Central California with stops in Madera, Merced, Modesto and Lodi before following the same flight path back to Fresno. Beam Global partnered with pilot Joseph Oldham, founder and CEO of New Vision Aviation, to make the trip possible. EV ARC™ electric vehicle charging equipment was rapidly deployed at several airports, and in some cases relocated to support the multi-leg flight, demonstrating that airports can support the electrification of aviation without construction, electrical work or large utility charges.

“This historic world record marks the start of a new chapter for zero emissions aviation while breaking down the barriers to rapid adoption of commercially available clean aircraft. Our products make airport charging infrastructure available now, ushering in a new level of aviation access for rural and suburban denizens,” said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “There are around twenty thousand public and private airports across the U.S. and we want to put clean, impact-free charging infrastructure in all of them.”

Currently, 62% of electricity from the grid in the U.S. is sourced from fossil fuels and 29% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the transportation sector according to an April U.S. EPA report on Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. As the momentum behind the electrification of transportation continues to grow globally, this world record highlights the coming renewable revolution of air travel ushering in a new era of clean transportation. These efforts are being led by the state of California, where Governor Gavin Newsom has dedicated a portion of the proposed 2021 state budget to mitigating the dangers posed by climate change, including efforts to prioritize zero-emission transportation.

“I’m thrilled we accomplished our record-setting flight. This is a defining summer for sustainable aviation and for establishing the Central Valley as a forward-thinking region for propelling the electrification of aviation ahead at an accelerated pace,” said Pilot Joseph Oldham, Founder and CEO of New Vision Aviation. “Our goal with this accomplishment is to raise awareness of the urgent need for more clean transportation options—and show the world what is possible.”

Non-profit New Vision Aviation sees California’s Central Valley as an emerging innovation hub for the electrification of aviation and oversees educational programs for disadvantaged youth to inspire and train them for careers in clean aviation. The program is funded in part by Fresno Measure C.

After the record flight, Mr. Oldham sent to Pipistrel the following message:
“The aircraft performed perfectly and each leg of the journey ended with the battery SOC and time remaining just where I had calculated it would be.”

Ivo Boscarol, the founder and General manager of Pipistrel Group, congratulated the winners:
“Dear Mr. Joseph Oldham and the New Vision Aviation team,
please accept the compliments and congratulations from everyone at Pipistrel. It is impressive when skilled pilots demonstrate the every day greater usefulness of electric aviation, also on long-distance flights. The era of electric flight is here and your remarkable achievement proves it. This record is a proof of endurance of our electric planes and a great promotion for the entire Pipistrel in this new era of clean transportation which is coming.
Congratulations also to the Beam Global: actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story. Thank you!”

About Beam Global

Beam Global is a CleanTech leader that produces innovative, sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media, and energy security, without the construction, disruption, risks and costs of grid-tied solutions. Products include the patented EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® lines with BeamTrak™ patented solar tracking, and ARC Technology™ energy storage, along with EV charging, outdoor media and disaster preparedness packages.

The company develops, patents, designs, engineers and manufactures unique and advanced renewably-energized products that save customers’ time and money, help the environment, empower communities and keep people moving. Based in San Diego, the company produces ‘Made in America’ products. Beam Global is listed on Nasdaq under the symbols BEEM and BEEMW (formerly Envision Solar, EVSI, EVSIW). For more information visit https://BeamForAll.com/, LinkedInYouTube and Twitter.