Great honour for Pipistrel: our company was featured in an article by one of the largest and most esteemed newspapers on business and economic in the world, the Financial Times.

The article describes the journey of the author, Mr. Tom Robbins, to the Damnys Hall Aerodrome, where he met the UK Pipistrel distributor, Mr. Deepak Mahajan, who took him for a flight in his Velis Electro. The author comments on his first impression when sitting in the Velis, compliments the quiet, smooth operation and describes the different avionics. He speaks about NeboAir – the world’s first sustainable, cost-effective micro-airline with zero CO2 emissions. It starts at the Damyns Hall Aerodrome (East London) and ends at Wickenby Airfield (Lincolnshire) with a midstop at Shipmeadow Airfield (Suffolk), where passengers can enjoy staying at an eco-farm by the airline’s founder, Mr. Sergey Grachev.
Mr. Robbins details the technology of the Velis such as propulsion and batteries and offers an insightful forecast of the future of electric aviation. He also describes Pipistrel’s production of Velis Electro, the training of mechanics and pilots for the use of electric aircraft, and the vision of Pipistrel’s CEO, Mr. Ivo Boscarol, who sees the type-certification of the Velis Electro as the door, which is now open to bigger electric aircraft and longer range emission-free flight.

Financial Times - My electric flight into the future

Important information:
The Financial times website has a paywall – you can see the article on the website,  or just but you have to sign up to read it.

There is another way to find the article to see the article. If you google “Velis Electro Financial Times” and click on the title “My electric flight into the future”, you will get your first Financial Times story for free. But then, you will not be able to click through to other FT stories without registering.

About Financial Times:
The magazine was founded already in 1888 and by now it has over one million subscribers worldwide. With core editorial offices across Britain, the United States, and continental Europe. The FT was founded already in 1888. With core editorial offices across Britain, the United States, and continental Europe, this international newspaper has over one million subscribers worldwide by now.

We thank the author Mr. Tom Robbins for the excellent report on Pipistrel and the Financial Times for promoting the emission free aviation.