Extreme flights – altitude records and ultra-long range

"Pipistrel letala so najboljša", trdimo. Extremni piloti in pustolovci to kar naprej dokazujejo s poleti, ki so nekoliko daljši od vašega običajnega skoka na sosednje letališče. Na tej strani boste našli opise osupljivih letečih pustolovščin in poletov, ki so postavljali svetovne rekorde - vse z našimi letali.

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Project Elektropostal: two Pipistrel Velis Electro fly from Lausanne (Switzerland) to Aix-les-Milles (France)

UPDATE 2021: another flight is on! *** 100 years after the first flights, the ELEKTROPOSTAL adventure explores legendary routes by using electric aircraft.

Balázs Magyar: A flight from Hungary to San Marino in a Virus SW 121

Poročilo o slikovitem poletu ob obali iz Budimpešte v San Marino

Beam Global sets world record for longest flight in a production electric aircraft, powered only by sunshine

Pilot Joseph Oldham with New Vision Aviation captains the zero-emissions flight charged exclusively by transportable off-grid EV ARC™ systems

Velis Electro broke 7 world records in one legendary flight

A team of enthusiasts accomplished an amazing flight from the Alps to the North Sea in a Pipistrel Velis Electro – an achievement never before attempted with an electric plane. On this 700 km flight they broke several world records, among others the lowest energy consumption.

A 1263 km flight over the Pyrenees with Taurus.

Feburary 12th was the perfect day for gliding, but quite unexpected! Back on Wednesday 9th, as I was skiing in the Alps, Manu and Jean-Pierre asked me about the wave forecast for the Sunday 12th of February. I told them that I would not fly, as I planned to continue to ski with my family up until Saturday afternoon.

The Snowmageddon trip

...or how to deliver an Alpha Trainer on a 2000 nautical miles flight in extreme weather.

Clémentine and Adrien are succesful on their way around the world in a Pipistrel

Clémentine and Adrien are flying around the world in a 6-month project “Wings for Science”.

Big victory and double podium for Pipistrel at Paris-Madrid Green Air Challenge

Paris-Madrid 2011 efficiency race celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Morane-Saulier race between Paris and Madrid back in 1911.

Sinus flies to Nordkapp - daily log

Mike Anastasiou and Nasos Marconis flew from Athens, Greece to Nordkapp, the top of Europe with a standard Sinus 912 NW.

Michael Coates flies Sinus 2452 km (1323 NM) over Pacific Ocean

Delivery of aircraft from Australia to New Zealand - 2500 km (1350 nautical miles) of flight over open ocean.

Could an ultralight plane fly from Pisa, Italy, to Lisbon in a single day?

Yes it can, if the plane is a Sinus!