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Dear Pipistrel kit builders,
we often wonder how your kit-building work is going. We are proud on each and every Pipistrel kit aircraft which takes flight. We know how many painstaking hours of precise work it takes to assemble a kit. That’s why we love hearing from you. Tell us how your work went, tell us about the little joys and the trouble you had – all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Good morning,

I started thinking about building a kit about 10 years ago. I looked upon a lot of alternatives around the world, Normal and Ultralight  Planes alike, until I met Peter and Pipistrel Aircraft. The quality of the parts is just amazing, everything I put together until now fits perfectly, you are doing a great job !

Best Regards


Mr. Armin SchertlensentMr. Armin Schertlensent sent us a kind mail about his kit, which he likes a lot!
It is with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction after many years of working on the release of the Pipistrel Sinus and Virus kit aircraft that we are now happy to announce the first successful flights by our first finishing kit builder Mr. George Powers in the USA.
Wearing his favorite Snoopy scarf for good luck George first took to the skies on November 17 and after a series of uneventful circuits returned to the airport with a smile that made him forget it was only around 2°F (-17 °C).
Congratulations George, we at Pipistrel are all very proud of your success and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures in a near future. We are positive that your new Sinus will bring you many pleasurable hours in the air in 2009 and beyond!
Snoopy scarf for good luck, George completes the first flights of a customer built kit Sinus.

George and his kit-built Sinus

Before the flight

And up we go!


Big smile on George’s face after the flight

Mr. George PowersMr. George Powers sent us many photos of the first kit-built Pipistrel Sinus. This is the story about its maiden flight.

Kit Certificates

Pipistrel’s 3-axis aircraft currently hold the following Kit Certificates:

AUSTRALIA 51% Kit approval

USA (FAA) 51% Kit approval

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