On behalf of Pipistrel (within the Design & Production Organization), our team attended a conference in Toulouse (France) entitled “Safety Recommendations Workshop”, organized by ENCASIA (European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities).

The aim of this workshop was to improve the effectiveness of Safety Recommendations by enhancing a synergic dialog between SIAs (Safety Investigation Authorities) and addressees, in particular manufacturers and design organizations, in order to facilitate the process of responses and actions.

Pipistrel cooperated mainly with the aim of presenting new technologies in the field of aircraft construction (Novel technologies for small aircraft, Annex 1), to inform investigators and offer additional knowledge to them. The investigative bodies and regulators should be familiar with the latest development in aviation and need to be informed about the peculiarities of new technologies, to be able to successfully propose appropriate safety measures, which will help to improve safety on the part of design and manufacturing organizations.

At the conference, Pipistrel Head of Design Organisation, Paolo Romagnolli and Lead of Safety & Reliability, Fabrizio Gaspari, held a lecture on Pipistrel’s experience on Safety Recommendation, where they presented our new technology (electric aircraft) and process of taking safety measures, improving aircraft and other products, our experience with investigative bodies, and presented some practical examples of incidents.

As a part of this trip, the Pipistrel team took the opportunity to visit Airbus.

Manufacturers welcome Safety Recommendations Workshop as a means to further enhance the safety of our products and we thank the organization team for the opportunity to participate at the event.