The Greek team of Alexis Anastasiou and Petros Printezis set the new world altitude record on 21. January 2014. They reached 7608 m of altitude with their Pipistrel Sinus, gliding over Mt.Parnassus in Greece.

Here are some photos of the two pilots, the route and the barogram of the flight.

Alexis Anastasiou stated:
The highest altitude reached was 7,640m according to the MLR logger, 7,673m according to the Posigraph logger and 7,771 according to the LX-160/Oudie. For most and of course for the critical part of the climb the engine was off so we actually broke a record for aircraft with engines with the engine off! The Sinus performed impressively both as an airplane and as a glider and the flight characteristics were as docile as at sea level!”

For more information – detailed report and timeline, we prepared a beautiful article with many photos in .pdf format, available for download here:  WR_report_greece

Pipistrel would like to congratulate both team members for their amazing success!
Thank you for taking Pipistrel ever higher!