Mr. Alan Morrison from Brazil sent us a joyful letter, describing his great achievement with the Sinus. This is what he wrote:

Luís Ed. Magalhães is a city on the west side of the state of Bahia, Brazil, which holds excellent soaring conditions with ample outlanding possibilities, making it a “soaring heaven”.
Conditions are best during the month of September, and I have been traveling there to enjoy those conditions over the last 4 years.”

“So far most of my flights here with the Sinus are in the excess of the 300km mark, and lately I have been pursuing a personal record of flying more than 400km. The last days have allowed me to fulfill this goal, and also placed the Sinus in the first places of the worldwide OLC championship twice!”

#1 on the worldwide OLC ranking – 21. September 2015 355.8km, 301.4km FAI triangle

#3 on the worldwide OLC ranking – 23 September 2015 409.6km, 289.1km FAI triangle

Mr. Morrison added: “I am very happy with my airship, which is not only a joy to fly but also allows me to travel easily to such a marvelous site, all in one very versatile project!”

Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Morrison and congratulations for your amazing achievement!


On Friday, 25. 9. we received another message from Mr. Morrison:
“Yesterday was my last flight of this gliding trip at Luis Eduardo Magalhães, and we repeated the feat (#1 on the OLC worldwide ranking), this time with a 348.5 FAI triangle!”

Congratulations again!

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