Pipistrel is known worldwide for aerodynamically efficient aircraft design and can work with you to improve the aerodynamics of your design. Pipistrel exquisite design was awarded many times by NASA. The agency declared the Virus SW as the world’s most efficient light sport aircraft in the PAV Challenge in 2007 and the GAT Challenge in 2008. In 2011 the Taurus G4 won the third NASA challenge, the Green Flight Challenge, proving Pipistrel’s aerodynamic design capability worldwide.
NASA launched the Green Flight Challenge 2011 competition with the largest prize in aviation history (1.3M$) to develop an electric powered aircraft capable of flying 200 miles in less than one hour using the energy equivalent of 1 gallon of fuel per passenger. The minimum efficiency criteria figure – in passengers miles per hours (pmpg) – was 200, but Pipistrel won the competition by totaling 403 pmpg. The innovative winning aircraft, the Taurus G4, features a twin fuselage concept with a large central wing housing the most powerful electric aviation motor ever developed (145Kw) at the time. The victory proves that out-of-the-box thinking sets new milestones in aviation.


We are proud and excited that Uber recognized our values, expertise and leadership in electric flight. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards entirely new ways in travelling, not only saving time, but also being friendly to the environment. Uber has signed a partnership with Pipistrel for large-scale deployment of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles (VTOLs) in a mission of providing a safe, reliable transportation service to everyone, everywhere. Pipistrel will provide the vehicle for Uber’s “push a button and get a flight” through the Uber Elevate Network, offering mobility options on demand in cities around the world. (more info:

Mark Moore, Director of Engineering for Aviation
»Uber is excited to have Pipistrel working with us and starting to develop VTOLs for Uber Elevate. Pipistrel is the only company in the world that builds and sells electric aircraft today. With brand new factory to increase their capacity, they are a valued partner in making Uber’s VTOL network a reality.«
The design of Pipistrel’d eVTOL for Uber technologically advances next generation propulsion insights, unlocking eVTOL opportunity by addressing efficiency and noise hurdles in vertical lift, hover, and cruise stages. Advanced fans draw 50% less power in hover than traditional rotors; as battery technology improves over time, Pipistrel’s eVTOL stays ahead of the competition with its proprietary propulsion system; its cruise efficient shape will amplify impact of more powerful batteries on aircraft range, speed and payload.


We are happy we were a part of a successful test flight of the aircraft with new 260 kW Siemens electric aircraft motor, accomplished on 24. June 2016. The aircraft featured two battery packs, each with 14 high-power Li-Ion battery modules with a capacity of 18.6kWh, developed by Pipistrel.

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DLR H2YFLY – Hy4 2016 Stuttgart

Pipistrel is proud to announce that we were one of the partners in the “HY4” project – the world’s first four-seat passenger aircraft powered by a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. The aircraft accomplished a successful first public flight on 29. September 2016.
HY4 took off from the airport in Stuttgart at 11:15 am and performed a short 15-minute demonstrative flight above the public and the media.

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Pipistrel has coordinated and participated in a number of EU and national projects. Operating our in-house Project Management Office, we have successfully completed high-profile projects in the field of advanced electric propulsion, industrialization of electric aircraft, state-of-the art aerodynamic research and other exciting fields related to aviation, mobility and high-tech solutions. High emphasis is also to educate new generations of aerospace professionals through applied research, multidisciplinary engineering and cutting-edge technological development.

We participated in projects such as ENODISE, UNIFIER19, HEAVEN, ARTEM, MAHEPA, WATTsUP, MIKELANGELO, HYPSTAIR, RBF4AERO, FORTISSIMO. To see the portfolio of our successfully completed projects please CLICK HERE.

We are always looking to participate in new projects, so if you are looking for an experienced project partner or your consortium needs a suitable project coordinator, do not hesitate to contact us at

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