Update 2021:

After the success of the 2020 edition, ELEKTROPOSTAL is setting out again!

Electric mobility and aviation industry leaders gathered at Payerne Airport on September 21st, 2021 to mark the departure of this year’s ELEKTROPOSTAL edition of an unprecedented adventure for promotion of ecological transition and the construction of sustainable aviation.
Three Pipistrel Velis Electro set off on a 2 week adventure, from Payerne to the southern route. The launch was honoured by the presence of Mr. Bertrand Piccard, who opened this edition by making the first leg of the flight.

Modern day pioneers helped to make a point of meeting the technological challenge of sustainable aviation and continuing to inspire future generations:
– Bertrand Piccard from Solar Impulse Foundation, the ambassador of Elektropostal;
– Raphaël Domjan from the SolarStratos Foundation, the ambassador of Elektropostal;
– François Randin, CEO of Green Motion SA part of Eaton
Elektropostal founder Herve Berardi

You can follow this entire adventure on the Facebook page of the project: https://www.facebook.com/ELEKTROPOSTAL/ with their timely updates.

The ELEKTROPOSTAL edition 2021 left at 14 pm from Payerne Airport (Switzerland).

More info:  https://www.elektropostal.aero/

Video report: https://latele.ch/emissions/radar-vaudois/radar-vaudois-s-2021-e-182?s=1

2020 Edition:

Two Pipistrel Velis Electro planes have embarked on a return trip between Lausanne (Switzerland) and Aix-les-Milles (France) in an aerial adventure called “Elektropostal”, in the footsteps of early flight pioneers. The flight challenge brought a lot of new knowledge about electric aircraft whose autonomy is one hour of flight.

Web page of the project: https://www.elektropostal.aero

Raphaël Domjan, the Solar Stratos project leader, is one of the six Elektropostal pilots, along with O. de Sybourg, I. Guechati, H. Berardi, L. Blaise, B. Piccard and J.F. Clervoy. 

The original idea for the flight came from Mr. Hervé Berardi, the initiator and organizer of many editions of Raid Latécoère. He named it “Elektropostal”, because his dream is to fly in the footsteps of the pioneers of postal aviation such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, across southern Europe, West Africa, even to South America – but with electric planes. The transition to clean energy as the means of propulsion is the new frontier for aviators of the 21st century.

The team: https://www.elektropostal.aero/equipe/

 The adventure started on on September 24, 2020. The goal for Elektropostal was to fly from Lausanne in Switzerland to Aix-les-Milles on the southern coast of France and return to the starting point. All in one week, between 23. and 28. September 2020, with two Velis Electro planes.

The flight progressed in several stages of 40 NM(74 km) on average: on September 23, the two Velis planes took off from Lausanne to successively reach Annecy (23.9.), Chambéry (23.9.), Grenoble (24.9.), Valence (24.9.), Orange (24.9.), Avignon (25.9.), Marseille (26.9.) and finally land in Aix en Provence on 26. September 2020.