Extreme flights – altitude records and ultra-long range

“The Pipistrel planes are the best” we claim. Extreme pilots and adventurers keep proving this by taking our planes to flights, slightly longer than your usual jump to the neighbor airport. On this page you’ll find the descriptions of stunning flight-adventures and world-record flights, achieved with our airplanes.

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Project Elektropostal: two Pipistrel Velis Electro fly from Lausanne (Switzerland) to Aix-les-Milles (France)

UPDATE 2021: another flight is on! *** 100 years after the first flights, the ELEKTROPOSTAL adventure explores legendary routes by using electric aircraft.

Balázs Magyar: A flight from Hungary to San Marino in a Virus SW 121

Trip report of a scenic flight from Budapest to San Marino along the coast

Beam Global sets world record for longest flight in a production electric aircraft, powered only by sunshine

Pilot Joseph Oldham with New Vision Aviation captains the zero-emissions flight charged exclusively by transportable off-grid EV ARC™ systems

Velis Electro broke 7 world records in one legendary flight

A team of enthusiasts accomplished an amazing flight from the Alps to the North Sea in a Pipistrel Velis Electro – an achievement never before attempted with an electric plane. On this 700 km flight they broke several world records, among others the lowest energy consumption.

A 1263 km flight over the Pyrenees with Taurus.

Feburary 12th was the perfect day for gliding, but quite unexpected! Back on Wednesday 9th, as I was skiing in the Alps, Manu and Jean-Pierre asked me about the wave forecast for the Sunday 12th of February. I told them that I would not fly, as I planned to continue to ski with my family up until Saturday afternoon.

The Snowmageddon trip

...or how to deliver an Alpha Trainer on a 2000 nautical miles flight in extreme weather.

Clémentine and Adrien are succesful on their way around the world in a Pipistrel

Clémentine and Adrien are flying around the world in a 6-month project “Wings for Science”.

Big victory and double podium for Pipistrel at Paris-Madrid Green Air Challenge

Paris-Madrid 2011 efficiency race celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Morane-Saulier race between Paris and Madrid back in 1911.

Sinus flies to Nordkapp – daily log

Mike Anastasiou and Nasos Marconis flew from Athens, Greece to Nordkapp, the top of Europe with a standard Sinus 912 NW.

Michael Coates flies Sinus 2452 km (1323 NM) over Pacific Ocean

Delivery of aircraft from Australia to New Zealand - 2500 km (1350 nautical miles) of flight over open ocean.

Could an ultralight plane fly from Pisa, Italy, to Lisbon in a single day?

Yes it can, if the plane is a Sinus!