Pipistrel is aware that people with different disabilities still want to enjoy the freedom of flight. That’s why we developed several different aircraft with specialized controls to suit people with disabilities. A Pipistrel Sinus and a Pipistrel Taurus aircraft have been successfully modified to operate with hand-only controls.

Disabilities should not be a reason to give up flying. If needed, we can adjust the aircraft commands to your special requirements.

1.) Hands-only controls for Sinus

The Sinus modifications include removing pedals from one side of the aircraft, where the rudder control and the brakes are hand-operated. On the co-pilot side there are conventional controls and brakes  for normal operations.

Pipistrel Aircraft Special-Controls-Information-Pack (Sinus modifications: pg.3-4)

Sinus-virus hand controls for disabled people (Image presentation)

Sinus-Virus hand controls for disabe people
Sinus-Virus hand controls for disabe people

2.) Around the world on wings and wheels

Around the world flight by Mr. Glenn Bannister takes a simple message to the wider aviation community – disabled people can fly too.

Read the entire article in Australian Sport Pilot magazine:
2019-01 – Australian Sport Pilot – Around the world with wings and wheels.pdf

Mr. Bannister is a paraplegic who was injured in a motorcycle racing accident 20 years ago. He is one of a number of pilots who prove that once you are in the air, everyone is equal.

3.) Hands-only controls for Taurus

Pipistrel Aircraft Special-Controls-Information-Pack (Taurus modifications: pg.5-6)

Hands-only Taurus controls

»Who needs legs if I can have wings?!« The story of Mr. Jan Hercek and his Taurus with adapted hands-only controls for handicapped people. Click HERE

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