Paolo Romagnolli, Head of Flight Test Department at Pipistrel, received the prestigious “Best Paper 2017” Award by the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE) – European Chapter (

Paolo participated the 28th SFTE-EC Symposium at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) with a paper describing the Flight Test Campaign of the DLR-HY4 airplane, led by Pipistrel.

Paolo Romagnolli at the awards ceremony of  SFTE-EC Symposium at Politecnico di Milano

The Hy4 is the world’s first four-seat passenger aircraft powered by a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion. The aircraft accomplished a successful first public flight on 29. September 2016
(more about it here: )

Pipistrel team next to the HY4 after the successful maiden flight in Stuttgart in September 2016. Paolo Romagnolli is the second from left.

The success of the test campaign has been the product of intense team work in a very limited time-frame, and the SFTE award is an important success for Pipistrel’s reputation in the field of Flight Test.
Other participants came from much larger organizations such as United States Air Force (USAF), Airbus, SAAB, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and others, so the quality and reputation of these participants makes us even more proud of the award received.
We would like to thank Paolo, the Hy4 Team and the entire Pipistrel R&D department for upholding the Pipistrel’s trademark excellence and making sure that our aircraft are one step above the rest throughout their entire lifespan, from idea onward.