We are proud to announce that Pipistrel’s Flight Test Engineer, Mr. Alberto Favier, took part in the 52nd SFTE International Symposium and together with his co-authors he received the “Best Paper Award” for their work on testing batteries for electric aircraft.

The 52nd International Symposium of the Society of Flight Test Engineers took place in the second week of October 2021 in St. Louis,  http://www.sfte.org/
The Pipistrel’s engineer attended the symposium from a remote location, which was a first for this event. The team was enthusiastic to have participants from Europe.

Mr. Alberto Favier, together with the other contributors to the paper (Stephan Roberts, John Esfeld and Jennifer Uchida), submitted a paper titled  “Things Flight Testers Should Know About Batteries For Electric Propulsion”. The paper examines the main aspects to consider when testing an electric aircraft (Battery Integration, Battery performance, Risk management).

The best paper awards authors were given a replica of The Spirit of St. Louis.

Mr. Alberto Favier (right) with the test Pilot Sašo Knez in front of the VELIS Electro aircraft.

Through this research the authors gained extraordinary information, which expanded our knowledge of electric aircraft propulsion over any known boundaries. At Pipistrel we are very proud of Mr. Alberto Favier, because his achievement gives our entire company important international recognition and upholds the excellence that Pipistrel’s trademark holds in the field of research & development.

Thank you!