At the end of the year 2014 Pipistrel is celebrating the 25th anniversary of existence. Many interesting things happened within the last month to commemorate this occasion…

-on 20th November we organized a large official celebration with about 200 guests, including the President of the Republic of Slovenia himself!
-on 22nd November Pipistrel had an Open Door DayOver 1000 people from all over the country came to visit the factory HQ to see the production.
-on 12th December we had a smaller end-of-the-year party with a puppet show for children of the employees and a lottery.


On 20th November Pipistrel organized a large celebratory event with about 200 invitation-only guests.
Many business partners and colleagues from the beginning of Pipistrel’s existence visited us, even some and friends that we haven’t seen for decades! It was touching to meet them again after so long!

We were honored by the presence of some very important guests, among others the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor,
the member of European Parliament, Mr. Lojze Peterle and the former Mayor of the Ajdovščina municipality, Mr. Marijan Poljšak.

The President Mr. Borut Pahor presented Pipistrel with a gift: a memorial plaque.

The president Mr. Pahor was extremely kind – he shook hands with all the Pipistrel employees, guests and distributors!

Franc Željko Županič, director of Slovenia Control, Slovenian Air Navigation Services Ltd.

The media, of course, couldn’t be missing…

The General Manager of Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol, had a touching speech about the history of Pipistrel. He spoke about the difficult beginnings, about first successes and about some of the greatest achievements and brightest moments in the history of the company, as well as some visions for the future. Many of the guests were reminiscing with misty eyes.

The audience was international: over thirty Pipistrel distributors from all continents, who were visiting Slovenia at the time for the Technical Training, were present at the event. This was the ideal opportunity to reward the most successful of them:

Mr. Janos Szilagyi, the Hungarian distributor, received the bronze award
Mr. Christian Mattuschka, the Austrian distributor, received the silver award
Mr. Krzysztof Bedkowski, the distributor for Poland, received the golden award as the top distributor of the year 2014.

Some of the Pipistrel employees have been loyal to us for many years, so they also received awards for their hard work:

Matej Fučka, Iztok Kobol, Sašo Črešnjovnjak, Tanja Harej and Štefan Harej received awards for 10 years of loyalty to Pipistrel.

Matevž Lenarčič, the legendary adventurist pilot, also received an award for his achievements.


After the official part of the evening, the fun program started.

The mascot of the evening “Pupa Strel” was handing out badges (which were the first product that Ivo was making almost 30 years ago, before starting to produce aircraft) among the visitors.

The program included music, short theater performances and humor, masterfully performed by the Trillek society from Col, Slovenia.

The actors couldn’t go past making a bit of fun of Ivo’s early beginnings – his days as a printer, all dirty of paint, trying to import illegal trike parts across the (at the time) Yugoslavian border….

and that’s why Ivo got Mr. Sandi Škvarč, the head of the Trillek society, by his ear for making too much fun of him!

But that didn’t stop Sandi to make some more jokes at Ivo’s expense..

Even some employees, such as the Head of Production Mr. Boris Velikonja joined the performance:

…which Ivo used as the opportunity to award his employee with the longest uninterrupted career: Boris has been loyal to Pipistrel for the entire 25 years!

The music performance was really fantastic! The guests of the evening were world-famous stars such as Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley and even the great Luciano Pavarotti!

The biggest surprise, however, was a folk music band “Modrijani” (“Wise men”), but nobody knew that they changed their line-up entirely to… Pipistrel employees!

Among the breaks the visitors and Pipistrel employees gathered in the next room where food and drinks were served.

It was a very pleasant evening and it will remain in the memory of all the guests for a long time!


The Pipistrel company has a great responsibility towards our customers, whose life depend on our products – therefore we have to be very strict when it comes to admitting outside visitors into the production hall.
So when we announced that at the occasion of our 25th anniversary, Pipistrel will have an “open-door day”, the interest was immense all over the country.

People started to gather about half an hour before the actually announced opening time…

The General Manager, Ivo Boscarol, accepted every single guest at the door and shook their hands!

The first part was a short 10-minute lecture about the beginnings and the history of the Pipistrel company…

…and then the guests were led into the cave of wonders!

The first step was the Research/Development department, where the Head of the department dr. Gregor Veble explained the design process for new aircraft models.

The path led on into the Composite materials department.

The visitors were told everything about the construction of aircraft parts from composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber.

The most interesting part, especially for the youngest visitors, was of course the final assembly process.

In every department the group of visitors was accepted by an employee of that specific department, who was able to tell them the most about their part of the production process.

Outside of the hangar there was the Pipistrel’s new beauty Panthera and an experienced pilot who explained to the visitors everything about the process of test-flying.

People from all over Slovenia and even neighbor countries were delighted to see all the details.
Within 6 hours  more than 1000 people visited Pipistrel!


End of the year is the time for presents and fun for our children. Pipistrel employees are one big family – did you know all of us together have almost 70 children?

So it’s only fair that we spoil them a little at the end of the year. On 12th December we organized a small play/puppet show for them.

Two sleepy and lazy stars from the sky, Stella and Star, went on an adventure with their Starmobile, which unfortunately got broken…

Luckily Kai the dog helped them and fixed their Starmobile, so they could return to the sky before the darkness!

The fantastic team of actresses: Anita (Stella, the yellow star), Anja (Kai the dog), Kristina (Starmobile) and Ana (Star, the blue star)

After the show, Ivo Boscarol came on the stage, petted Kai the dog and told the children some bad news: Dedek Mraz’s reindeer had to go to the maintenance service, so no gifts this year!
(Dedek Mraz – “Grandfather Cold” – is a Slavic version of Santa Claus)

But almost at the same time, people could hear some noise from the outside… There was an aircraft landing in front of the hangar in the middle of the night!

It turns out that if Dedek Mraz’s sleigh breaks down, he just uses a Pipistrel aircraft to deliver the gifts!

Some children, however, preferred Kai’s company to the gifts…

The general manager of Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol, would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to the successful 25 years of Pipistrel business, especially all the employees!

Warmest thanks also to everyone who helped to organize the three celebratory events this month.
Thanks to the company S-Project for the brilliant catering and delicious food througout the entire evening of the 25th anniversary celebration.
We wish you a Happy New Year 2015 and at least another 25 successful years of cooperation!

your Pipistrel team