EDIT: The event was cancelled because of a severe dust storm.

Pipistrel Australia is ready to meet you at this year’s AirVenture Australia event at Parkes. This is something we have been looking forward to for many months since it has the potential to become the leading aviation event for recreational aircraft in Australia.

This year we have on display (at site 33) a Pipistrel Virus 121, the first one in Australia with a CS-LSA certification. In the Australian system this aircraft will be type-certified and if CASA registration can be used for day and night VFR flying, flight training, glider towing and it is the only aircraft in its category that is approved for spin training, it can also be used for flight training up to IFR standards.

There are now about 40 Pipistrel Virus SW in Australia at the moment, of which the Pipistrel Virus 121 is the certified version.

To assist in getting more aircraft to AirVenture Australia, we are holding our own little event called “Pipistrel’s to Parkes” and we invite all Australian Pipistrel aircraft owners to come down and talk to other Pipistrel aircraft owners. There will also be a random draw for one lucky Pipistrel owner who comes to the event, who will get their fuel tank filled for the return trip as a gift from Pipistrel Australia.

We look forward to meeting Pipistrel owners at AirVenture Australia!