We have just received a notification from the UK CAA that after almost 2 years of painstaking work the second Slovene-built Pipistrel aircraft (after the single-seater Apis) is now flying under British call-sign.
On the morning of 11. May the G-PIVI permit has been issued for a Pipistrel Virus SW 127. The skies over Britain are now officially open also for the Pipistrel motorplanes, not just gliders!

Pipistrel Virus SW

His Excellency Mr. Tadej Rupel, the Slovenian Ambassador in UK, is very excited about the news and expressed his sincere congratulations on completion of this project. He stated that this step opened large possibilities for further issuing of permits and for sales of other models of Pipistrel aircraft on the UK market.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs also praised the success and emphasized that it was achieved with the help of economic diplomacy efforts and continuous cooperation with Pipistrel company and with the responsible agencies and organs in the fields of Civil Aviation in Slovenia and in Great Britain.


Pipistrel would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who contributed to this achievement, especially the two Pipistrel representatives in UK, Mr. Sergei Gratchev and Mr. Deepak Mahajan.