Pipistrel is proud to announce that Bisnode Slovenia awarded us with the AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness 2020.

With this certificate, Bisnode Slovenia confirms that the business entity meets the highest international standard of excellence AAA for at least the fifth year in a row and belongs to the Platinum Creditworthiness status of credit rating excellence in Slovenia. The business entity meets the criteria of credit excellence for the year 2020 and is one of the most reliable Slovenian business entities that are entitled to use internationally recognized status Platinum Excellence, which is a symbol of the standard of credit excellence.

What is an AAA rating model?
The AAA rating is the highest possible credit rating a prospective borrower can have. An AAA score is awarded by a credit ratings agency and suggests a company or government is highly unlikely to default on its debt repayments. It is calculated by systematically collecting and analyzing information concerning operation, background, financesand ability to pay, it evaluates the creditworthiness of a company and its ability to handle obligations related to normal business operations. As the AAA-Rating is automatically updated, its information is more real-time than that of any other creditworthiness Rating. As it is mechanically produced, it is always objective and facilitates comparisons between companies.

In the international environment, the AAA certification is already an established practice and in this way companies further strengthen their reputation and trust in the domestic and foreign business environment. Companies with platinum credit rating excellence are doing extremely well and have a very low likelihood of negative events such as bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation, deletion of the entity from the companies register or freezing of bank accounts. There is a 91% probability that entities with Platinum Creditworthiness rating will maintain the creditworthiness rating also in the next year.

Ivo Boscarol AAA platinum excellence

Ivo Boscarol, the director and co-owner of the Pipistrel Group, says:

“Pipistrel’s customers are mostly governments, agencies, large companies and other reputable institutions. Since Pipistrel’s products or services are all of great value and the orders in question are usually for large quantities, in most cases we face a check of our credit rating by the client. Sometimes we get asked about it directly, but more often we learn about it only later, when the deal has already been concluded and the customer tell us in an informal conversation how important the gold or platinum credit rating was for their decision.
In many cases, especially for public procurement in different countries, the information on credit ratings is already required in the tender conditions. Given that there are few companies with such a good credit rating as ours, we are recognized as an excellent company already at the first presentation and our offer is treated differently.”

This is not the first time that Pipistrel received a good creditworthiness rating. We have achieved and kept highest AAA model for several years. According to the analysis for 2018, Pipistrel was one of the top 9.2% Slovenian business entities. In Slovenia, in 2018, out of all 171,786 registered companies, only 15,749 companies achieved such credit rating excellence.

In 2018 Pipistrel received the Gold Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness. Gold credit excellence is carried exclusively by companies that have the AAA highest credit rating of excellence for three years in a row.
o achieve the highest, Platinum credit excellence, the company must keep the Golden AAA credit excellence for three years in a row. Companies that demonstrate platinum credit rating excellence represent the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all business partners.