Every year since 2006, the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia organizes the campaign “Zemljo so nam posodili otroci” (“The Earth was lent to us by our children“) to promote, raise awareness and educate the population about the importance of preserving and improving our planet.

As part of the Environmental Agency’s mission organized in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia, every year a large number of primary and secondary schools join the campaign. As part of the three-month activities, upper primary and secondary school students observe their environment, companies and individuals in it, and chose the one who, in their opinion, contributed the most to protecting and keeping our environment clean, healthy and human-friendly.

In 2009, a record number of nominations was received in seven categories. They were evaluated by a commission consisting of both experts in the field of environmental protection and students.  The campaign takes place under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia and officially ends with an event where the overall winner is announced.

In 2009, the closing event took place on the occasion of the International Earth Day in the Stanovska Hall of Ljubljana Castle.

The the President of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk, announced the winner in the category “Clean air” for the greatest contribution to the preserving clean atmosphere: Pipistrel.