SUNDAY, 5. May 2019

The 5th of May, is the public holiday of the Municipality of Ajdovščina – and it was a great day for Pipistrel. It is always encouraging to know that you have support of your local community. Pipistrel has always tried to take care of our neighborhood in all the ways possible – we are one of the most reliable employers in the region, we take care of our environment by making our company buildings energy self-sufficient and take part in environmental actions such as planting trees – and it is heart-warming to see that the people of our home town recognise this.
This is why it meant so much to us when we were invited to the city event hall on Sunday, where the Mayor of the Municipality of Ajdovščina, Mr. Tadej Beočanin, presented Pipistrel the award for 30 years of operation.

Ivo and Mayor Beočanin

Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel CEO and and Tadej Beočanin, Mayor of Municipality of Ajdovščina

All the award recipients at the municipality event

All the recipients of Ajdovščina Municipality Awards with Mayor Beočanin at the 5. May event

But 5th of May was special for another reason – it was marked by another event with which Pipistrel celebrates 30 years of bringing new, revolutionary trends to world aviation. If you followed the events so far, you must have noticed that we offered something new each month so far: a new model of aircraft, the 1000th aircraft from the Sinus/Virus family, new logo and new visual corporate identity… but since municipality Ajdovščina honoured Pipistrel in May, this time Pipistrel also focused our event into our home town.

There is a beautiful walking trail taken through the very center of the town, through the “Grad” fortress and by the Hubelj river. Along the trail there are 8 large panels for outdoor photographs. For the entire month of May, those 8 photos will represent the milestones of Pipistrel’s 30 year history.

Photo Exhibition Board

Pipistrel’s story is deeply ingrained into Ajdovščina from the very beginning. Throughout the years Ajdovščina municipality always understood the potential of aviation industry which Pipistrel brought, and has always supported us. It enabled us the construction of aircraft factory at the airfield and helped to accelerate Pipistrel’s growth through various municipal mechanisms. Pipistrel shows its gratitude by providing safe jobs to more than 200 employees who are proud to help the name of Ajdovščina in relation to Pipistrel being mentioned worldwide every day. Although the Pipistrel Group has already expanded not only to other countries, but also to other continents, we are proud that the Group’s headquarters and the Development institute remain firmly in Ajdovščina.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you happen to pass through Ajdovščina in May, you are welcome to visit the exhibition and have a look at the photos. The exhibition will be open until May 31st. Enjoy!