Pipistrel’s Alpha Electro, Alpha Trainer and Virus SW are receiving a lot of attention from all over Europe! Recently they have appeared on front pages of several influential aviation magazines (see below).
We are very proud and grateful that the media are dedicating so much attention to our aircraft and we would like to thank each and every one of you, our faithful customers and fans, for all the support you are giving us every day!

We invite you to have a look at the articles:

AOPA – Back to the future aircraft battery

the French Aviation et Pilote and the Canadian Magazine Aviation can be seen at the french page:

the Finnish Siivet has just been released, we will publish the full article soon!


There are also many other articles featuring Pipistrel aircraft: 

the April edition of German Aerokurier AERO Special features Panthera,
and the DULV Magazine features Taurus Electro:

French Aero VFR features Alpha Electro:

Italian Volo Sportivo has a long article about Sinus:
Volo Sportivo, Maggio 2015: Pipistrel Sinus.pdf

AVweb features articlse about electric aircraft and a video about the Alpha Electro.

Slovenian Sierra5 features an interview with Ivo Boscarol: