The online employment portal (“”) is organizing a large-scale survey “Ugled delodajalca” (“Reputation of the employer”).  The survey goes on continuously throughout the entire year, this year it was conducted for the 8th time. More than thirteen thousand people submit their opinions and graded over 1000 individual Slovenian companies according to three different criteria.

The “most reputable” employer is chosen based on several criteria, among others how well-known the company is or how many people would choose it as their first choice for employment. We are pleased to announce that Pipistrel achieved the 1st place in the category “production” as the most reputable employer!

In the survey respondents determined the employer’s reputation according to three criteria:
1. Criterion: Recognition of the company among candidates on the labor market
2. Criterion: Considering the company as a potential employer
3. Criterion: The first choice for a potential employer.

The combination of these three criteria as chosen by the job seekers determined the potential employers who are the most attractive in the labor market and thus the most respected.

What does it mean for an employer to be reputable?
Renowned employers are attracting high-quality employees who contribute to better business results and ensure the company’s development in the long run.
This is not the first time that Pipistrel was chosen as the best: