Summer sun is shining and Pipistrel bathes in it at the 52nd International Paris Air Show at the Exhibition Center of Le Bourget, a few kilometers North of Paris!
You can visit us from 8.30am to 6pm from Friday 23 June to Sunday 25 June 2017.
Information about the access, ticketing and other general information can be found on the website of the organizer:

Pipistrel’s expo area is located in the “Static Display” region, we are a guest at the CNFAS booth (the Aeronautic Federation Village). The location is approximately in this area:


Our French distributor, Mr. Christian Stuck and his team Finesse Max did a great job putting up the expo booth. It serves as a beautiful background for the flower in the middle: the Pipistrel Alpha Electro!

Alpha Electro has been developed, in part, through WATTsUP project.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 683959.

Mr. Christian Stuck

The Alpha Electro is right in front of the FFA’s booth

The Alpha Arianne! Which one is going to space?


This year the European Commission has a joint stand with the Clean Sky project. Pipistrel has the honour to participate in several Horizon 2020’s and a Clean Sky project with our innovations. As it is evident from the video on the EU Commission booth, one of our projects (Hypstair) is interesting for the European Commission, since they used it as the topic for their promo video!


Pipistrel had the honour to participate in a signing of a Letter of Intent:

It was signed between Mr. Jean-Luc Charron, representing the French Federation of Aeronautics (FFA), Finesse Max S.a.r.l, represented by Mr. Christian Stuck, and Ivo Boscarol, the General Manager of Pipistrel, regarding great future of electric aircraft in France: for the first time in European history it will be possible to do the legal training for a PPL license – on an electric aircraft!

We would like to thank all the partners who cooperated in this project, especially the French Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGAC), for their professional work and support.


We were very glad when a group of high guests decided to visit our booth:
a team of three representatives of the European Commission came to have a closer look at the Alpha Electro! We were visited by Mr. Miguel Angel Marti Vidal and Mr. Daniele Violato, two Project Managers of Horizon 2020; and Mr. Michail Kyriakopoulos, the Aviation Programme Officer.

Igor Perkon, Pipistrel’s Research and Development Program Manager, showed them all the specialties of the Alpha Electro and they were especially impressed by how simply the charging system works.

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