At Pipistrel, we are focused on continuous improvement. We strive to constantly innovate throughout all aspects of our operations and shape the future of aviation by developing and delivering cutting edge solutions. Examples of this are evident in our award-winning models, such as the Panthera and the Velis Electro. Our innovations include extensive research projects, like the involvement in the HY4 hydrogen powered aircraft and the MAHEPA hybrid electric Panthera. Our innovation goes beyond aircraft design/production and extends to improving our customer service network.

In order to provide next generation service and support, Pipistrel Aircraft is pleased to announce a new general distributor for the United States. Diligent thought and consideration were given to determine what enterprise would best lead Pipistrel forward in the US. After an exhaustive search and evaluation of leading aerospace firms:

Pipistrel has selected Right Rudder Aviation as the new United Sates distributor.

Right Rudder Aviation is a leading full-service aerospace firm based in Central Florida. With over 20 years of professional aviation experience, RRA has the experience and expertise to catapult Pipistrel’s success in the US to new levels. Their passionate team of more than 20 flight instructors, aircraft mechanics, sales concierges, and financial experts are dedicated to elevating the Pipistrel experience.

Beginning immediately, customers will notice a significantly improved experience.
Have questions about buying a Pipistrel airplane? Our USA sales concierge team is ready to answer your questions seven days a week.
Need service? Our Pipistrel maintenance facility is fully certified and equipped to inspect, repair, or upgrade your Pipistrel.
Need training? Our FAA-Certified flight instructors provide airplane, glider, tailwheel and specialty training seven days a week.

As the US is a large nation, new regional dealerships have been established in strategic locations across the country. Our teams have been working diligently to ensure these new locations exceed customer expectations. These locations are in the process of being finalized, so keep an eye out for an updated list of all Pipistrel approved US dealers in the near future.

Right Rudder Aviation and Pipistrel share similar missions: to advance aviation and to improve aviation safety. We are collectively excited and enthused to announce this strategic partnership that will help achieve these goals and establish a strong foundation for the future of Pipistrel Aircraft in the US. Together, through tireless innovation and unparalleled focus, we will shape the future of flight for the next generations.

About Right Rudder Aviation

Since 2016, Right Rudder Aviation has set out to make the dream of flight accessible to all. Starting with a single 1946 Piper Cub in their flight school, today RRA is an industry leading aerospace firm. Conveniently located in Central Florida at the Inverness, FL airport (KINF), RRA is a full-service Fixed Base Operator (FBO), providing a convenient executive flight terminal, Titan Aviation Fuel, light and heavy aircraft maintenance services, and aircraft hangar and parking services. RRA is a world renown flight school, providing training for airplanes, gliders, tailwheel- and certificates from sport pilot up to ATP. RRA launched the Pipistrel Panthera in the US Market in 2020 with a 34 stop US tour, proving the success of the aircraft. RRA Is the General Distributor for all Pipistrel products in the USA. RRA focuses on improving all aspects of aviation for the next generation- from launching revolutionary training programs to electrifying aviation into the future!

Contact information:

Right Rudder Aviation

4250 S Airport Rd
Inverness, FL 34450

Phone: 407-734-1442