The President of the Pipistrel Group, Mr. Ivo Boscarol and the CEO of Genevation Aircraft, Mr. István Viktor Szabó, have signed a technology transfer agreement to set up production and final assembly of the Pipistrel VIRUS SW aircraft and its components in Hungary.

Official signing of the contract occurred in witness of Prime minister of Hungary Mr. Viktor Orban and Prime minister of Slovenia Mr. Janez Janša after the opening ceremony of the 53th International Entrepreneurial Fair (MOS) in Celje on the 15th September 2021.

Pipistrel’s award winning aircraft family SW 121 has been identified as the ideal fit for the needs of future Hungarian aviation undertakings, with Genevation stepping up with their interest to manufacture, market and provide after-sales support for select markets. Following extensive coordination on technical, organizational, airworthiness and governmental levels, the two partners with support of the Governments are excited to announce that the cooperation has been signed.

The cooperation project valued at over 100 million EUR for a 10-year period shall establish:

  • certified Aircraft Production Organization in Hungary,
  • final assembly in Hungary of Pipistrel SW 121 family aircraft for select domestic and international markets (Hungary, Russia and ex-USSR territories, African countries, Visegrad countries, Turkey and Israel),
  • cooperation in development of future opportunities and production of advanced composite structures, aircraft components, special mission programs and zero emission aircraft.

Preceding this agreement was the Governmental MoU, signed by, Dr. Gáspár Maróth, Hungarian Government Commissioner responsible for Defence Development and Zdravko Počivalšek, Slovene Minister of Economic Development and Technology. The Governments have therein affirmed that Hungary is willing to promote and strengthen the growth of its defence industry, creating new production capabilities, increasing the knowledge as well as innovative solutions; where at the same time the Slovenia is highly supporting the bilateral and regional industrial cooperation, especially in the industries where significant advanced experience and traditional products have already been achieved and can be further capitalized.

We look forward to welcoming the opportunity which Hungarian produced Pipistrel aircraft will create
as part of this cooperation, to deliver exceptional strategic value to stakeholders. All involved parties expect a significant arise of industry-wide engagement, forming enhanced global competitiveness, backed by skill and experience which Slovenia-Hungary regional connection is offering.

About Pipistrel EASA Type certified SW 121 family of aircraft:
Pipistrel SW 121 family are EASA Type Certified aircraft for day and night operations, being the most advanced 2-seat aircraft in its category. Equipped with IFR ready touch screen glass avionics, advanced autopilot, full aircraft recovery system, equipment for towing gliders, they are ideal for diverse activities: Basic and Advanced pilot training, Club activity, Aerial photography, Cartography,
3D terrain scanning, Wildlife management, Forest-, Fire-, Pollution- and Natural Disaster monitoring, Traffic Observation and Disaster relief.

Their quietness and capabilities also make them ideal for certain Military and Defence purposes, Border surveillance and Control, Convoy protection, Crime prevention, Homeland and Special events security.

About Pipistrel:
Pipistrel is a world-leading small aircraft designer and manufacturer, specialized in energy-efficient and affordable high-performance aircraft. With more than 30 years of experience, Pipistrel has produced more than 2,500 aircraft to-date, gaining significant international reputation by delivering unique, innovative products to passionate customers on all continents.

Pipistrel holds EASA Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation Approvals and has the capability of bringing a new aircraft design concept from a basic idea into a certified design, ready for production. Pioneering electric flight, Pipistrel is World’s first and only manufacturer of Type certified electric airplanes. Future developments feature electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, UAV and autonomous flight technology aiming at revolutionising the intra-European transport market.

About Genevation:
Genevation Aircraft Ltd. was established with the goal to adopt and use the most modern aerospace technologies and involve into the development and manufacturing of aerospace, aviation and defense products. The company today manufactures light sport aircraft, provides lightweight solutions and develops special UAV products. The company has demonstrated its ability via development and manufacturing of two types of aircraft and in the defense field with the development of a military drone and of a helicopter-mounted sensor container. The company has extensive R&D activity that opened for space programs from this year. Genevation is certified and operates according to ISO 9001; AS9100D, ISO 3834-2, NATO AQAP quality standards, next to that obtained the NATO supplier certification and a military technical activity license.