Students of Pipistrel Academy can now simulate flights using ALPHA Trainer on one of the best flight simulators available, the X-Plane 10. The accuracy of the flight model achieved is about 95% of the real ALPHA, providing a useful training tool, of course if used correctly. The simulator has been tested and verified by experimental and production test pilots of Pipistrel and instructors of Pipistrel Academy. We have focused on developing the flight dynamics and the cockpit, providing the students with the environment they encounter in their Pipistrel airplane.

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Picture 1: The view from the cockpit of ALPHA Trainer UL in flight

Picture 2: The view from the X-plane ALPHA Trainer in the simulator

Contacts, Questions: 
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Technical requirements:
– account at Pipistrel Academy
– installed X-Plane 10: the program is available for purchase, but you can also enjoy the free demo of the software available for download here –
– joystick