Have you ever wondered how Pipistrel aircraft travel overseas? Some of them can fly, of course. But others prefer a more luxurious way – they take a cruise with a ship with our long-term partner 2HM Logistics, with whom we developed specialized procedures of shipping planes.

Aircraft are monitored on location, humidity, temperature, forces and many other parameters all the way from our factory and up to delivery to your desired location. For this occasion Pipistrel and 2HM Logistics made a video of commercial transport of Pipistrel Panthera overseas.

But there is more.
The result of this recording session is another video – this fantastic promo video of the Panthera, which tells the story of our flying beauty from her birth at the Pipistrel production facility all the way to her sunlit cruise flights over the Bay of Piran – and wider, all over the world.
Panthera – wildly innovative!
The beauty which IS the beast.